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Change is the only constant in life, 
yet for reasons of etiquette, society and parental approval, 
we maintain an unconscious fight to preserve our limited self sense 
to maintain our disease.

People are afraid of change

People are afraid of new patterns overriding old, so much so that new is applied to things around us, applied to our environment but rarely to ourselves. We change our clothes to suit climate and fashion but rarely do we change our attitudes to suit our souls, our inner selves.

These changes we fear most of all. We like to keep change at a distance from our innermost selves, we like to wear glasses that make us blind to the most obvious need for change that will restore honesty and harmony to our lives. We cover ourselves with things and more things. These protective layers we will alter and change but don’t dare go beyond personal space to what we truly are.

The Choices you make.

You have come to a bridge - the road divides as you approach. One road runs parallel to the river, the other goes on to become the bridge and moves between the facing line of hills. Which road will you take?

Will you take the road hugging the shores of the river or will you cross the bridge over the water and travel through the ups and downs of the unknown hills? Are you ready to leave behind the meandering of your life and take responsibility for the direction of your life?

Each of us faces such a question several times every day. Each choice or decision we face is made on the basis of holding to old patterns or creating new.

What you are reading is not a cave painting.

In each generation there are a few individuals who step from the old patterns and push the boundaries of their limiting beliefs and structure. So have cave paintings moved through the renaissance of the Sistine Chapel and on through to the age of photography and computer generated images. If individuals have not removed the limitations of visual interpretation and media then we should be still sitting in caves.

Yet changes have happened. 

We have change handed to us in our genetic heritage and we are fighting every day with old patterns that have been inherited - we just don’t recognize it - the fight and the patterns of fight.

These patterns are those imposed by society and are the ones that see us fighting against our intuition and defile us by holding us to society and genetic conditioning.

We try to suppress our expression so that "it will be socially acceptable" - we create laws and huge tomes of etiquette to bind us through every situation so that freedom of expression is suffocated.

Yes we allow all this and then say "it is not my fault, I got all this from my parents, teachers etc." Even in this recognition we dare not make a break for freedom and head for the hills.

We instead look over our shoulder to see who is watching and discipline our children, contort and constrict them out of existence. We hold to such patterns as we were taught, not allowing the baby, child to become it’s true expression. We may even think that we will never do as our parents did, instead we do the opposite which is what our grandparents did.

The expression of a child if allowed to be untainted is the expression of our essence. Yet we seek to manipulate and control such expression.

People are afraid of change in their lives


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