The pursuit of knowledge becomes a search for wisdom, as the need becomes apparent to apply what is learned into daily life when of your beliefs are challenged.

Life Journey

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Your Life Path, The Transpersonal or Spiritual Life Journey, may seem a series of unrelated experiences. But, when looked at on a deeper level, these experiences can be seen to form a pattern and life is seen to have become a journey. Purpose becomes clear ..

A Roadmap of the Spiritual Path

There's nowhere to go ....

For many people, there comes a time in their Life Journey when the learning stops, when the reading stops, when the acquisition of knowledge stops.

This is a time when you have acquired all of the learning and intellectual knowledge that you can handle. All of the answers are there in your mind, but life has lost relevance within this intellectual knowledge and there is a general feeling of dissatisfaction with life as you live it.

So the pursuit of knowledge becomes a search for wisdom, as the need becomes apparent to apply what is learned into daily life. All of your beliefs are challenged.

At this time, all of a sudden there is nowhere for you to go, there is nothing further that you can learn. Everything catches up to you and all you have ever done or learned becomes 'uncomfortably close to home'.

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You can't run away ....

You are faced with the choice to either run away from your past and what you have learned, or to realize that all of the learning and what you have read applies to you, that you are no longer 'playing games' and you cannot go on deluding yourself. The stories that applied to others suddenly become as mirrors for you and your life.

At this time, you are faced with the realization that you must face the Truth of You and that no longer is your pursuit an intellectual or mind exercise. Wisdom comes from the personal relating of knowledge and experience.

Emotions, fear ... suicide ...

Many of your deepest fears start to rise to the surface. Questions, emotions and feelings flow. For some even, this might be a time when suicide is contemplated as the feeling arises 'I am tired of all of Life, and I want to go home!'.

The death that you seek is the death of your past and all that has you seemingly trapped in your mind and body.

If you were to be asked to contemplate the question 'what is other', you would probably come up with the conclusion (like most of Western Society) that 'other' for you is your own body from the neck down. In your body memory is located all of the memories which make up your subconscious and unconscious mind. This is the 90 percent of the mind that Science tell us that we do not make use of.

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Home is where the heart is ....

Home is the Truth of You. Home is the essence of your being which is located not within your head, but within the whole of your body. The Home that you are seeking is deep inside you.

Once the patterns of action and reaction are identified and accepted, you can get out of them... that's all you have to do. No analysis is necessary.

Then, and then only, will you become the freedom of amorphous consciousness, whole and complete ... the embodiment of your birthright.

If you have found your truth within yourself, there is nothing more in this whole existence to find.

Truth is functioning through you.
Then you live life as truth - alive, radiant, contented, bliss-ful,
   a song unto yourself.

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