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Sushumna, the Penetrating Vessel is the communicating "carrier" or Energy Meridian of the Sacred Tantra, of prana, ki, chi, n'um in its purest form before differentiation or polarization into Masculine and Feminine, Yin and Yang.

Sushumna, the Penetrating Vessel

In Kundalini theory, as it is so often taught, there are three main channels of energy. These are the Sushumna, the Ida (Blue) and the Pingala (Red).

In Chinese and Japanese medicine, these correspond to the Penetrating Vessel, Conception Vessel (Yin) and Governing Vessel (Yang).

A Column of Light

The Penetrating Vessel (Sushumna) does NOT take a straight line up the centre of the spine, but DIRECTLY connects the Muladhara (Crutch Point) to the Ajna (Pineal Gland) and passes directly through the energetic and biological/neural centers (Vortex intersection points) simply mapped as the other Chakras. 

The Sino-atrial node is the Heart Chakra where Masculine and Feminine, Ida and Pingala, Governor and Conception meet.

The Penetrating Vessel (Sushumna) is sometimes known as the 'chong' (or fertility) acupuncture channel is also called the 'sea of blood.'

It has links to the main acupuncture channels (Spleen, Kidney, Liver, Conception, and Governing) that correspond to digestive function, some endocrine functions, menstruation, some neurological functions, and heredity. In the female body, it provides a direct connection between the Head, Heart, Uterus and Crutch Point.

From this, it can be seen why so many people have all sorts of "symptoms" when Kundalini "blows" and the rest of the body is not in balance.

It is important to understand that the Sushumna (Penetrating Vessel) provides (as well as the main flow of "blood") the complete psycho-spiritual and neuro-biological balance (Tantra) ... firstly between the Conception Vessel - Yin (Ida) and the Governing Vessel - Yang (Pingala) ... and then between the other Vessels, Meridians or Nadi's which create harmony within the whole Hu-man being.

When seen by those who have the eyes to see, the radiance of this vessel can appear as a single column of Light joining Base to the Crown - often extending like a flower over the top of the head and extending down between the legs into the Earth. 

However, what we see as Column of White Light and often interpret as the Sushumna is actually the result of the action of the energy of the Penetrating Vessel - a halo produced in much the same way as the glow that can be seen around high voltage electricity power lines on a misty night.

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