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Kundalini is the essence of your beingness, your intrinsic life force. You, as you see yourself in your body, are merely the conditioned physical expression.

Spiritual Emergence - The Awakening

Kundalini, that mystical experience of Spiritual emergence which you are seeking, is the truth of you and is that which is seeking you. Every belief you hold onto is a separation from that truth.

Kundalini, Transcendence - the mystical experience

Kundalini is not something that can be sought, controlled, manipulated or even awakened by some therapist, priest, guru or healer. It is already awake .. you would be very dead if it wasn't. 

But Kundalini, as it is often referred to in spiritual writings, is a perfect illustration of how the so-called "mystical experience" has been used as a tool of the spiritual quest, and marketed with much mis-information.

The language of comparison for each of us in this lifetime started when we were little children. This language of comparison, of needing validation for our existence and our experience is the manipulation which leads to the corruption.

Kundalini in Western Society 

Most of us in Western society hold in our unconscious genetic memory the religious belief that we were born in "original sin". Religious and spiritual practice, our parents and teachers, does nothing but confirm this remembering for us, adding to the forgetting, the layers of "cloth" that shroud the truth of ourselves.

Throughout history, those who had these "mystical powers" or spoke of their "mystical experiences" were often classified as mad, or in terms of "religion", possession or witches. Unless of course, the mystical experience had a "religious overtone" which met the approval of the church ... in which case there was a possibility of "Saint-hood" (usually after a lifetime of martyrdom).

With this unconscious remembering, those going through "mystical experiences" still seek validation for the experience from books and other people.

In the 20th-century, another player came to the field ... the psychiatrist ... who was only too happy to make a few extra dollars supporting religious persecution by confirming that anybody who had "mystical experiences" (and dared talk about it) was classified as insane, and filled with narcotics. This new player was ably assisted by teachers (and often the medical profession) and gradually parents learned to recognise the symptoms of the child who was "possessed".

True Kundalini 

The true Kundalini is none of the things that are described or attributed to it and those who read the books in order to validate their experiences will only succeed in adding another corruption of the essence of "God", another layer of ego to those beliefs already in their body memory attempting to control and manipulate their intrinsic beingness. 

The moment you are born, you are born with Kundalini (so-called) fully awakened. Not only that, if you came out between your mother's legs, Kundalini is actually the energy that started the labout that gave birth to you. Kundalini was the energy coursing through your mother's body that birthed you.

Kundalini is the energy of the consciousness of our day-to-day dreaming, it is the energy of the communication with our bodies, our breath and with the energies of the world and people around us. 

When we "talked" to nature, to animals, and other people in our minds it was the energy of Kundalini which was speaking through us.

It is this energy whose fruits are telepathy, clair-audience (hearing), clairvoyance (seeing), and clair sentience (feeling). In this state of openness, it is normal to see thought forms, the energies of other people, to feel the energies of people and things around, and also to hear their thoughts as words in our head.

Within the sacred Hindi texts, this is known as the Siddhis or magical powers ... and it is this space which is the essence of the "Transpersonal Bands of consciousness".

Is it any wonder that the Innocent child, who sees the truth of the world around it, either rebels (and is classified as having behavioural problems) or shuts down.

It is my experience that in those children who rebel, the Siddhis are much closer to the surface, and all the child is trying to do is express its truth in the face of the lies it sees in the world around it, motivated by unconscious memories of religious battles for the expression of truth. 

For those in later life, the remembering, the movement of "Kundalini" (or some would call it "the awakening") triggers memories of this persecution and memories of the need to justify one's existence for survival. 

So one either turns to religion or spiritualities to find validation for their own mystical experiences, or starts reading books in an effort to find comparable experiences so that they can cope with their fear of madness. Thus the complexities of a further set of beliefs (which is in conflict with most religious doctrine) are added to the past memories in the body. Learning is just that .. the acquisition of a belief. 


The book of your body has not been written yet. You are the only one who can write it, you are the only one who will have experiences unique to you, until you move beyond your conditioned perceptions. 

One of the things that happens on the "spiritual path" is that, during the remembering of the truth of whom you really are, the intensive beingness of the body starts to remember its childhood innocence and potential, and in that remembering, the energy of your birth, the energy of perpetual creation starts to move through the physical body 

As this happens, various types of "symptoms" start to come to your awareness. In general terms, we can group the symptoms which manifest as "mystical experiences" but we can also view these same symptoms as the release of "holding patterns" within the physical body. 

There is a third group of symptoms which result from you taking on the popular consciousness of "spiritual awakening". 

Until such time as the emotions associated with genetic memory are allowed to clear from your body, everything you experience will be translated into the language of your perceptions based on the filters of learned beliefs from the past. 

Every book you read is written in the same manner, within the parameters of the perceptual filters through which the experience is viewed. In seeking to validate your experience through the experience of another, or through scriptural teachings, you are denying your intrinsic uniqueness and your beingness. Not only that, in the need to justify your existence, you will take on the thought forms of the book you read and the Scripture you follow.

If you follow what I've written here you maybe able to understand why the past is so difficult to forget, and why the energy of allowing is so foreign to you, the energy of remembering so fraught with perceived trauma. 

The mystical experience, so-called, is the truth of you. Every belief you hold onto is a separation from that truth. 

There is a saying within Transpersonal-personal psychology that the "Transpersonal personal bands" should be moved through as quickly as possible. This is because they are so fraught with judgement and denial.

With acceptance of the "mystical experience" one acquires an acceptance, a knowing, and an allowing. The fight is over because that which you are fighting is a reflection of your own inner conflict.

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