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Muladhara or the Base Chakra is that Pivotal Point between the legs and has many surprises in store for the Unconscious as sources the Inner Holy Spirit, the Feminine Principle of Life-It-Cell-f.

Muladhara - The Base Chakra

Apart from being called GV1 - the "Source" (in Electromagnetic Field Technology), it is also called CV1 and PV1 in acupuncture terms.

In other words, 3 separate and distinct "meridians" (some would call them "Nadi's") source at this point.

CV is the Conception Vessel - the Ida - which runs up the front of the body (in the same way as the GV (the Governing Vessel (Pingala) runs up the back of the body) to the mouth area.

PV, the Penetrating Vessel (Sushumna), rising from the Base Chakra controls the Vital Tree of the body called The Blood and governs all of the functions of the blood flow and the blood stream - including digestion, elimination, absorption, reproduction ... and circulation. Muladhara ultimately, controls the Heart, The Breath and the Sex.

How these meridians, pathways or nadi's connect and interact is beyond the present scope of this work - except to say that these three "Vessels" that Carry, Communicate and Govern the internal energy of the Cell-f ... the Feminine Principle of Life-It-Cell-f ... source in Muladhara, the Base Chakra, the point right in the centre of your own Crutch.

Is it any wonder that Kundalini is said to rise from the centre of the Base Chakra (or the Kund - the pot in the Earth) the realm of the Kunda/Cunti, the Deva (Essential Spirit) of the Primary Feminine Principle in the Human Body ... CV1, GV1, PV1. 

She is no "Goddess" to be worshipped, but, if allowed, is one half of the Essence of Your Potential ...

a potential that can NEVER be realized until and unless your mind-brain (Masculine Principle) actually acknowledges to your sell-f that she, this aspect of you, the Inner Holy Spirit exists and is sourced in the centre of the Perineum in CV1-GV1-PV1 - the Pot in the Earth, the Ocean that is Kunda/Kunti/Cunti - Muladhara, the Base Chakra.

Your Crutch Point, Muladhara, your Base is the source of Life, Survival and the Continuance of the Species - any species.

The memories contained in the Base Chakra define who you think you are, your conception of your self, how you move and express your self in the world -- and Muladhara also contain the whole memory of everything that has been repressed in your genetic line back to the origins of the creation of the first cell of life on this planet.

How this point operates in the body of each person was defined by the thoughts surrounding the sexual act that resulted in your conception.

It was further defined by the conscious and unconscious thoughts of mother at the time the Sperm (Masculine Principle) joined through penetration with the Ovum (Feminine Principle).

At this moment, Masculine and Feminine became One in the Womb of Creation - a Stem Cell that contained the whole potential of the Species.

The Reflection and External manifestation of this moment of time, its One-ness and this memory of Creation/Conception is contained in Muladhara, the Base Chakra, CV1-GV1-PV1.

One became two and life began for the Stem Cell of All potential in the Womb of Mother as it split into two conjoined Stem-cells.

What were mother's hopes and fears, what were her thoughts both conscious and unconscious, what was the masculine principle that she was projecting on the One New Life in her womb. What were the memories contained in that womb that was controlled by her own GV1-CV1-PV1 .. ?

The very tip of the two bones that form your Pelvic Girdle (to which the Perineum muscle is attached) are the end result of this first split of this first Stem-Cell. In other words, these two Cells became Muladhara, your Base Chakra, the foundation for your physical being.

What keeps you together .. the joining point of the two halves of you was defined by the hopes and/or fears of your biological mother at the moment One became Two.

With this lying at the Crutch of your physicality defining your Conception of your Cell-f, Governing the way your brain thinks ... and defining the manner in which all of the Vital Functions of your Life Process inter-Penetrate one another through the Circulation of the Vital Blood,

How does your mind come up with the idea that it can either still or change your mind?

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