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The Bottom of the Valley

If you look a a good picture of the skeletal structure of the human body, you will see that, up the top, you have a bony mass called a skull.

Underneath that, there are a number of small Cervical Vertebrae which some call their neck.

Then there are the shoulders (probably with arms attached) hanging off each side of the top of a number of Thoracic Vertebrae ... and also attached to these are some things some call ribs which form a cage.

Below that again, are a number of small Lumbar Vertebrae and the whole lot sits on a triangular formation of bones called the Sacrum.

Now, this Sacrum is held inside a couple of bony structures called the Pelvic Girdle off which there are, for most people, a couple of sets of bones that (we walk round) on called Legs.

Foundation of your being : What holds you together

Down between the legs (where most people don't really want to know about), the two sides of the pelvic floor come together into a point and the two sides are held together with a muscle which some call the Perineum.

Rather wonderful, isn't it, that the whole of your body is supported on this point and held together by it.

We tend to think that our whole world revolves around our skull and what comes out of it.

In reality, what keeps Life alive for the human Species as it decides what supports its life and its continuation as a species is actually governed by this one point, the exact polar opposite to the brain - and what happens to the two sets of organs that are located each side of it .. the urogentitals and the anus.

But, of course, in Polite Society and in a world where the Creative Fiat is somewhere out above the top of the Skull, we don't talk about what happens for both the male and female of the species in that tiny little point in the center of the Perineum which is the Foundation for your whole being and the fulcrum for the whole of your sense of balance.

This is Muladhara, your Base Chakra

Oh ... BTW ... the Perineum muscle is the very last muscle to decompose after what some call physical death - but you can release all of the memories stored there as cellular mutations before that time.

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