kundalini awakening

In the Awakened State
the individual is the living expression of life itself and there is no other

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kundalini awakening

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This may help some people understand what is going on with their bodies from another perspective. Rather than use the language of religion and spirituality, I have applied some scientific principles .. and tried to put the terminology as simply as possible.

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" Energy of the Mind
" Energy of Kundalini
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" The Flow of Life

and the energy of Kundalini at work in the body

As the human body is 95% water, fluid dynamic principles are very applicable when looking at the energies of the human body.

But, before I start .. (and this is applicable in the context of what follows) .. in the field of electricity and electronics, electric current is said to flow from the positive pole to the negative pole. However, the electron movement, which causes the current flow is the reverse, because the positive pole is actually "charge negative" (less electrons), and the negative pole is "charge positive" (more electrons).

The other thing that needs to be understood is that both terminals act as a "radio transmitter" .. and there is an electric field generated when a flow is established between the terminals.

This concept is important, because the same applies in the conventional polarities of the energies of the human body. Essentially, the same principles apply .. and can, when understood, be measured and analysed.

The Primary Energies or forces.

There are two primary orbital (or spin) forces (energies) at work in this Universe .. known as centrifugal and centripetal ..

  • Centripetal force causes denser particles to gravitate towards the centre of the spin and is a compacting or densifying energy spin.

  • Centrifugal energy spin causes a de-densification .. an expansion.

When something which has been compacted with a centripetal force has the vector (directional) forces reversed, that which was compacted starts to fragment .. and break apart.

The Energy of the Mind

It can be shown that the energy of the conscious mind .. and of words which require left brain thinking .. creates a centripetal force within the cells of the body. In other words, the intellectual learning process is one of control and rigidity which eventually results in negative densification vortices .. or black holes within the cellular structure of the body.

This can also be shown to be the case with patterns of shock or trauma where the conscious mind is used to control emotions to stop them being experienced.

It is these "black holes" which are the starting points for all disease .. and also act as a radiation device of negative energy .. a transmitter for the energy of the aging process.

The Energy of Kundalini

The directional spin of the life force energy we sometimes call Kundalini can be shown by vector analysis to be a centrifugal energy .. in other words .. it creates the opposite of densification ..

and when it moves through the "black holes" it causes all of the energy that is stored there to fly in all directions .. which the conscious mind doesn't like .. and promptly reacts by trying to impose control over the process.


Now .. the left logical brain is a translator and generator of centripetal energies whilst the right brain acts and responds to the centrifugal type energies.

It is the "right brain" which is the energy transducer for the sub conscious and unconscious .. and the parasympathetic and autonomic nervous systems (reflex-reactionary-survival).

Down through the ages, man has set for fellow man, patterns of dominance and control through the evolution of the mind and the left brain in particular .. and this principle is the one which, for generations, has been used for control and manipulation.

The Energy of Control

People who, for so long have been used to using their ego (left brain conscious mind) to determine, understand, justify and explain what has been going on in their lives .. reverse the natural spin of the Governor Vessel .. which runs up the centre of the spine at the back of the body.

The resonance of the Governor vessel has been tapped into by psychology, religion and spirituality .. and its resonance is in the sounds .. the vibrations of the words used by agencies of control .. including the individual ego .. but only where the stimulus requires intervention of the left brain.

This is also applicable for those who use the mind to generate a "Kundalini awakening" .. or try to ordain a healing for someone else by consciously directing a specific energy to the client.

Mindless repetition of a mantra whose meaning is not understood .. nor whose meaning is sought, has, particularly within Sanskrit, a centrifugal (de-densifying) resonance.

However, the moment the left brain comes into play .. and there is a hoped for outcome or expectation or anticipated result, there is a centripetal (densifying or controlling) effect.

The Flow of Life

In a spontaneous Kundalini experience the energy of the Governor vessel "fuelling" the brain and the conscious mind is changed .. not in frequency .. but in vector direction so that what was once a centripetal compressionary energy suddenly became centrifugal and expansionary ..

and the left brain .. seeing all of the "negative energies" being released .. suddenly translates this as "being out of control".

One who has achieved "enlightenment" .. and made it real in the physical body .. is a harmonically and dynamically balanced energy system, and on this planet, the fundamental resonant frequency of such a person is at the Schumann Resonance and all its harmonics.

When such a person comes near a "dis-eased person", the exchange of energies is in the form of the "black holes" or blockages suddenly being exposed to a centrifugal energy .. which allows the natural life-force to flow more freely. It is not an awakening.

However, in the process, there is also a transfer of the negative vortex energy to the "guru" which can cause the temporary manifestation of the dis-ease symptoms until his/her own energy re-balances. The same also applies for an empathic healer.

There are of course other considerations which can be added to this brief introduction .. for example the Conception Vessel is also affected similarly .. (again centrifugal .. but spinning in the opposite direction) .. with the vector sum of both the Governor and the Conception meridians in harmony being zero.

Tantra or Yoga is the achievement of the state where the whole of the dynamic energy system of all of energy vectors is dynamically balanced and in tune with the Schumann Resonance.

In this awakened state, the individual is the living expression of life itself and there is no other.

kundalini awakening
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