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This website has its focus, not in the healing of the inner child, but in its liberation from under layers of conditioning. Some of these layers may be apparent but most are not.

healing and the Inner Child

All the inner child requires, is to be heard .. to be liberated from under layers of conditioning .. which you (the adult) may or may not be conscious of. Conditioning comes from sources seen and unseen .. it has been passed down, generation after generation - and awakened from the moment of your conception in your mother's womb.

The Inner Child does not need healing ..

When a baby is born it does not ask," Who am I?"
But mommy or daddy or aunty or uncle or granny or grandpa will, from day one ask you,

"Who are you?
tickle, tickle, tickle - "What's your name?"
tickle, tickle, tickle - "How are you?
tickle, tickle, tickle - "Who do you look like"

They do that often enough so that you, at one point also start to wonder who you are and how you are. That is how children get conditioned to question themselves incessantly and, we grow up with the perennial search for who we are and for a meaning in our lives.

Each of us once, was an innocent child

For each of us, deep inside, there is an inner child - - an innocent who has not been heard,

a child who has been made wrong,
a child who has had to go it alone,
a child who has been denied,
a child who has been brought up by "The Book",
a child who has not had the opportunity to share 
   with the elders of the tribe .

How many unique experiences do you have in a life time?

How much of your life is, in fact, a series of 're-actions' based on the inherited patterns, hopes, fears, thoughts, dreams and nightmares of people who have been dead a very long time?

When you were young, how many would listen to your 'remembering', the wisdom of your own inner child, those things that came to you from sources no one could explain .. or made wrong?

Are you really the expression of your inner child, or are you some mass of disjointed personalities - the result of the projections of mother, father, society, culture and religion?

Do you remember your childhood nightmares and your parents' reactions to them? .. OR do you actively not want to remember them!

My 'work', which is continuing, started ...

This website has its focus, not in the healing of the innocent inner-child, but in its liberation from under layers of conditioning. Some of these layers may be apparent but most are not.

not to blame anyone ... not to find a 'scapegoat' .. not to find a cure .. not to give brief answers .. but to find a reason, to understand, why the children are going through what they are going through .. drugs, HIV, suicide, rebellion etc ..

in order that perhaps our children's children might just find another way that would not lead down the path we see many going down now.

The answers have come not from one research source, not from talking to just a few, but from putting together fragments from countless articles, countless sessions ...  reconnecting the fragments .. the process of 're-membering' ..

Once the path of the past is understood, then that path need not be followed any more - there is a choice ..

Case Histories

When you have had access, as I have had on many occasions in my work, to 4 or 5 generations of the one family, the subject of memory takes on a whole new meaning ..

When you have allowed more than one 'druggy' to tell you that taking drugs legitimizes his or her nightmares and causes someone to take notice, then maybe you too will understand ..

When you have had more than one Alzheimer's Disease sufferer tell you she doesn't want to remember .. when you have a disturbed child diagnosed with ADD(h) tell you no-one will listen, they're all too busy

There are no more tears left in me - I now cry the tears of the people who tell me their stories .. to help them cry ..

True gentleness and compassion can only be built on a firm foundation .. the unconditional acceptance of the integrity of both male and female, the innocence of the inner child and the right of each to be the true expression of who they are .. in every moment and in every expression .. the full realization ... or the making real of individual integrity and wholeness.

In nature, nothing questions. In the human de-natured 'nature' we always do this totally useless thing .. and pass it on to our children

"Healing the Inner Child"
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