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Shamballah - Heaven in Earth .. confined to the deep unconscious realms ..
Consensus belief says that what you see and what you feel is your reality.

The Changeling - Reality and Illusion

The mind thinks that your thoughts, feelings and emotions are your reality. They are part of the illusion, the experiences of the pendulum swing of the Conscious and Unconscious mind.

The Conscious and Unconscious Mind

There are worlds far from your imagining where you hold sway and influence. There are worlds far from your imagining which sway and influence your every conscious and unconscious thought feeling and reaction.

The Conscious thought process mirrors the Unconscious. The pendulum swings in the awareness of your mind between your thoughts - reversing, in your interpretation, the feelings and emotions from the unconscious as they rise through the perceptual filters of judgement into the conscious mind.

You compare yourself with your consensus reality .. your need for acceptance and recognition .. to belong to the idea family .. the family of mind.

The inner levels

Each of us, belongs to a blood family, a land family and a cultural family .. and the family of the species. But beyond that, we belong to the family of Mother Earth .. birthed from the molten core of her innermost recesses and destined to return to her creation ..

All these memories are alive and well in the inner world of what, for most, is unconscious. The inner world is the memory stored in the cells of the physical body, the material of the brain .. the life support system for the mind that thinks.

These are the families - the spheres of influence we do not see because we have been trained to live at a distance from ourselves. We have become an idea .. the product of the thoughts we source in our mind. Thought attracts thought .. so there are "idea" or (ideal) families of the mind .. the mirror reflection of our inner families.

The world around us has become the mirror of the unconscious wars within our mind. We search for a higher perspective and become the product of someone else's idea. We call this the soul.

The pendulum swings.

The Tree of Wisdom has been separated into the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge .. the breath separated from the beating heart .. the primordial flame of the Life force repressed under a tidal wave of emotion .. an alien nation

We look further outside of ourselves and the pendulum swings on a wider and wider arc. We see finer and subtler influences. We invent new laws to define our thought. We move our centre of perception. We look for a support for our new found thought.

Religion and Spirituality

Religion or Spirituality and their ideals become the attachment point for the pendulum. The conflicts of religious thought become the gravitational mass resting point - a tulpa or manifested thought form. The pendulum swings between light and dark .. righteous thought and fears of the label evil placed on all dark thought which goes against the teaching of the hierarchy of the new found idea tribe.. the pendulum stops as the life force from the fire in the belly is extinguished .. the fires of hell fuelled by the hopes and expectations of salvation through the perpetual succour .. eternal life

Will you, your thoughts, your illusion be adjudged as worthy ..?

Over its history, Mankind has looked further and further .. taking the centre of his perceptual Universe higher into the realm of the mind .. into creative thought. Mankind has lost sight of the other side of the pendulum swing .. fearing the velvety womb of Mother which he has been taught is the darkness.

The centre of his sustenance for this pendulum has become suspended in an ideological identity he has defined as his God .. Father .. somewhere unreachable except upon death when his mind returns to the familial collective thought and his body returns to the womb.

Where is the locater .. the gravitational mass that defined the rest point of this pendulum? The ideological family, the Family of ideas and ideals which sees the individual as the victim of his own thoughts as they swing between the conscious and the unconscious, saviour and martyr. Salvation becomes defined by death. The death of the martyr. Was the cause worthy?

The Tree of Life has been forgotten as Man has sought to satisfy his hunger from the Tree of Knowledge to avoid the self judgements programmed as mutated thought into the physical being of his body.. to be passed on generation to generation via the

The feeling you once had now has you.

Once, the Tree of Life was rooted firmly in the Earth on which Mankind walked .. for such was the elemental nature of the body that it drew its nurturing, sustenance and life force energy from the land beneath its feet.

Now Man's vision has taken him on a journey to the stars as Man's fear of Darkness has seen his idea of creation sourced in some ideological Shamballah rather than the primordial swamp. The Tree of Life, ignored, becomes mutated and dies. The reverse swing of the pendulum. Man's physical body the manifestation of that painful thought.

The Trees of Wisdom, Life and Knowledge

The Tree of Life has been turned upside down in the quest for knowledge and understanding .. a vision of something greater - The Search for Home.

The Tree of Knowledge has become rooted in the Heavens by the projection of Mankind's idea that the source of nourishment comes from something to be found the other side of death.

Without Earthly Roots, Mankind is subject to the winds of whim and the will of everything that is stronger. A pendulum influenced by every more focussed thought swinging between hope and fear, light and dark .. concepts of the Mind of Mankind.

These are thought created worlds, tulpas defined by the vibration of the words Mankind uses to describe these worlds .. and the memories of the reactions of the ideological family to the dream .. to his idea of who he holds on to.

Shattered dreams.

The Pendulum of the Tree of Wisdom is becoming lost to the conscious mind .. Shamballah - Heaven in Earth .. confined to the realms of the deeper and deeper unconscious.

But, so long as Mankind has an Earthly Body, the source of that body will draw its nourishment from the Earth, the Tree of Life and the Life-force which has become the mutated shadow of Man's ideological and outward thought in his search for the understanding of the remembering which lies deep inside ..

The womb

Mankind's roots in the womb of Mother - the no-thing which contains everything .. all swings of every pendulum created from the first swing of the first pendulum when Mankind sought nourishment from the apple .. the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge .. Father

So, Mankind left the The Garden of Eden. The Tree of Wisdom has become forgotten. The Mirror of judgement provides the remembering .. and the martyr.

What if the Garden was remembered .. the fragments reconnected within the physical body of Hu-man. The tree of Life revisited .. life force reclaimed .. the individual no longer the martyr of its own ideas and fear of being reclaimed by Mother .. even after death..

The Pendulum swings between
   Adult and Child ..
   Male and Female ..
   Mind and Body

Home .. the creative fire in the belly ..

Still Point.

The Changeling - Reality and Illusion - The Conscious and Unconscious Mind

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