Life, death, religion .. the spiritual quest all begin and end within the memory contained in the cells of the body. Therein lies the truth hidden, forgotten, denied, forbidden .. fought for and died for ..


The first book of the Old Testament tells of Creation. Underneath the myths and legends, the codings of religion, education and learned behavior - deep within the cells in the personal unconscious mind of your body are the memories of Hu-man creation. Each of us remember and we search for them - in our spirituality, in our relationships and in our children.

the Origin of Creation

The word Genesis comes into English from a Latin word which finds its origins in Greek. The English Language translates it as origin or creation.

For each of us, personally, the whole individual lives are the microcosmic cycle of the macrocosm of evolution of the species we know as Homo sapiens. The question is .. will manity wake up to Hu .. or will the human race go the way of the microcosm body .. ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Words and Language

Within the confines and the preconceptions of words and language, it is difficult to tell the story of the remembering of the Hu-man Genesis as it is carried within the cells of the body. For some of the concepts are beyond the possible imaginings which have been limited by learning and religion .. so far ..

In this site, Fiona and I try to find the words to paint a picture of the remembering that has come at the end of the longest journey .. the journey of the our self back to its Genesis.

These are not learning's, they are the remembering of the evolutionary patterns which have come up out of the cells of our own physical bodies which we have translated into the English Language. With each release, there was, for us, a massive shift in the holding patterns of posture and deportment, accompanied by the release of many tears and much pain that has seen the body structure form as it has over countless generations.

We have learned that each of our hopes and fears and dreams has been an aspect of this story as seen through our own genetic perceptual filters, our learned beliefs .. the way we have been taught it is.

And we have had to find another way, other words to use that do not have kinesthetic triggers ..

In the End

This page is the culmination of the work which led to the Genesis of this web site from a vision that came to us of the Genesis of Life Itself. Yet this page is also a beginning - and the body - and the flow of all repeated in each living moment.

As far as we (myself, Fiona, and my group here in Tasmania have gone back into our remembering, it is now possible to move forward in conscious consciousness, as opposed to the conscious forgetting and religious denial (and the unconscious consciousness) which has been the path of evolution thus far.

It is this forgetting with the consequential distortions, which has resulted in disease and disharmony, pain and suffering in all of their visible and invisible manifestations.

Yet, within the disease, disharmony, pain and suffering, lies the impetus for the return journey and every virus is merely an unconscious trigger for the return to innocence - the real-isation of end of separation, the realization that what we are seeking, we already are - and have forgotten.

The No-Thing

Genesis is the most overcoming 'power' of all - the power of the Unified Field of Consciousness - the 'no-thing' as it absorbs, embraces and encompasses all pairs of opposites, merging any 'do-ing' of creative will with its opposite to return it to the pure potential from which it was separated.

This is beyond 'love' as consensus consciousness knows the word .. but is the altruistic all embracing love which cannot be described .. for the definition of which has been defiled by words imposed by thought which keep it separate from the 'no-thing'

The First Holy Communion was the communication and union (Yoga) experienced between the asexual innocent, with itself, within itself and by itself .. the total communion of body, heart, mind and essence - no separation.

The asexual innocent had no Mother, No Father and was neither male nor female. And the cells of our body carry that remembering within many of the non sexed chromosomes .. or autosomes. This was Atman .. or The Ancient of Days.

The Sounds of Silence

When we place a shell to our ear, we hear what we describe as the ocean, and we are unconsciously reminded of or Genesis in the formless silence of the no-thing .. It was from this origin that thought took shape and form, that coming came into being … the shape was Hu ..

Over time, many forgot their genesis within the silence .. forgot that they came from the no-thing .. feared their inability to recreate and sought survival .. and others to re-create that bridge with that remembering

And so within the Atmic body, the asexual innocent, one autosome split into a sexed Chromosome, male and female, X and Y .. and in the unconscious, beyond words, was the remembering.

And so evolved the androgen .. and physical reproduction .. all of this before the separation of the sexes.

Life, death, religion .. the spiritual quest all begin and end within the memory of the Genesis of Life It Self contained in the cells of the body. Therein lies the truth hidden, forgotten, denied, forbidden .. fought for and died for ..

Genesis is the truth of the innocence of every person .. born innocent, as a child .. in full remembering of their essence and manipulated into conscious forgetting.

Life, Love and Learning, the Essence of the Dance



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