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We can have choices in life .. in both what we will experience and how we will experience it. Freedom is just another word for no-thing left to lose.

The experiences I have in life, I translate into the words and language according to my experience, understanding and how I have learned, been taught, been conditioned to express my self.

The experiences that you have are your experiences in your words, according to your freedom of expression and what you have been taught.

Spirituality and Spiritual Traditions

The words of all of the great traditions are written in the words of that tradition - and the secret is in "reading the energy" that is behind the words.

Attachment to any spiritual tradition is a limitation of the potential of who we may become .. it limits us to the definitions associated with the words and symbols .. definitions laid down by those who started out by trying to explain their experience in metaphor .. before someone got hold of this idea and thought that where "xyz" was seemed a "better" place than where they were. It totally stifles our power or freedom to choose.

For example, Christianity and Islam no different as to their followers, they are both Universal Truths.

Theoretically, the word Universal means just that. It is beyond words, language, doctrine, dogma and definition.

I don't understand

Understanding is a personal thing. When we say that people don't understand us, what we are really saying is that we (the personalities of our mind)  cannot understand our selves.

So, the words and the language and the symbols are merely "tools" for the linear mind's understanding. We cannot grasp the concept of our infinity, so we try to use words, language and symbols as an aid to our understanding .. and also to try to help others understand "where we're at"

Somewhere, there is a forgetting .. a forgetting that expression is not "Universal", but is for only one moment in time and space.

This is, in itself, a learned behavior. Remember when parents, teachers, brothers and sisters couldn't understand us - and put us down because of us ..

So, now, this has become our mantra .. "I don't understand"

The child didn't need words, language and symbols to communicate with another child .. but it had to find words and language to communicate with those who had lost their childhood innocence ..


But, no matter which way we went, the energy attached to the words we learned didn't "feel right". So, we kept searching .. for more words, for more expansive symbols .. for something that had a greater sense of resonance within us ..

and when it felt right, there was usually someone there to make sure our experience was wrong .. a reflection of what we were doing to our selves.

How does the little "I" think it can "trademark" or "patent" that which is "Universal".

Isn't this exactly the same as saying "my god is greater than your god".

But, there are always those who think they can "market", "trademark", "patent" some idea .. especially if it has a Universal appeal .. in fact, the greater the appeal, the more power and money they can make from "selling" it .. to all of those who are looking for some understanding, words, language, symbol that will provide come comfort, some means of expression through which they can relate their experience to others in the hope that "other" may "understand" what they are going through.

Of course, immediately a person tries to express that they are the embodiment of the Universe, human nature, being as it is will try to slam them down .. and it can be a lot easier on us if we slam ourselves down before someone else reminds us of how we were shut down as children .. made wrong, in many cases, for even existing.

So life becomes a series of stepping stones .. and for many, a search to find some "spirituality" that most closely defines our experience ..

and in our attachment to the searching, we forget that all we are trying to find .. is some words, language or symbols to help us understand what our parents couldn't understand .. ourselves beyond words, language and symbols .. as we did .. as children.

What we are looking for, is that which is looking .. Indefinable in its completeness by words language and symbol.

and when That which is looking meets with That which it is looking for, which is also looking for IT

anything and everything else which is not embraced by That and which separates one That from the other That gets thrown out ..

whether the little I likes it or not.

The Essence of the Spiritual Experience

All spirituality is exactly the same .. the union of That which is looking with That which it is looking for .. and the resultant is pure awareness of That ..

Kundalini is one example of one That .. within the definitions of words, language, symbols, place and time, culture and creed .. and Reiki is one example of the other That .. subjected to the same constraints.

What separates one That from the other That is all of the beliefs and limitations we have used to try and place That "in a box".

Nuclear Fission is the Union of two Elementary Particles .. beyond constraint.

"That" is an elementary particle .. the thinking mind thinks it can provide the constraint. Om Tat Sat.

In the words of the song .. Freedom is just another word for no-thing left to lose. This is the focus of the spiritual experience and, in this point of awareness, we have the power and the freedom to make any choice we choose

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