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sharing personal experiencesEach person has an individual and personal expression from a mind that has been molded throughout their life experience by the relationships they have had with others and with the world around them.

Not a single expression of the mind is either right or wrong, but is relative to the personal experience .. and even the individual concept of right or wrong is something that each has been conditioned to hold as a "personal value".

Some on the list wonder if they should share their experience - or of the point of sharing. To those people, I would say this ..

Yes, you may benefit from the sharing of others, you may benefit from what I write .. but your own experience and your own expression of that experience is unique. Your process may have benefited from my saying the same thing over and over in a different way each time until one combination of words and phrases "felt right". Your process may have also benefited from someone else using a "turn of phrase" that is familiar to you where my words may not be.

The Consciousness of the Life-Streams Forum

This list - and the Consciousness of Humanity is not just a disjointed set of individual "I"s, but there is a matrix of interdependency - an interplay that exists between countries, societies, religions and individual experiences.

Many times I have seen the same stories come up from people with different religious backgrounds and from different racial backgrounds.. the stories, the emotions, the reactions have all been the same but the context of the expression - its frame of reference can be very different.

It is this sharing of personal stories that makes a difference as some part of you resonates with some part of someone else who is reading the words you write.

If I did not start this list and maintain a position and an integrity here, would you be speaking what you are now .. would you be reading what you are reading now, somewhere else .. ?

Every individual "I" can make a difference

The point is that one person can make a difference. That one person is you, what you think, what you feel .. and your expression of it. One person started this list.

A whole lot of "one persons" have made this "one list" - a play of consciousness in which, just like your own body, could not exist without any of the organs that go to make it up.

So, your own personal contribution does make a difference .. and you may never see of hear the effects of what you write. Just because no-one responds, doesn't mean that one of the seemingly silent majority hasn't been touched in some way by what you have written.

Detachment and unconditional sharing says that you can share some part of yourself without it needing to matter whether it is acknowledged or not .. and that leads to you learning to push the boundaries that, up to now, have seen your perception of yourself as some "insignificant little "i" ..

Consciousness and Society

Human conscious, human society has evolved .. is the way it is because people have kept secrets .. and each of these secrets has become the starting point for a boundary that has led to a conflict.. or a disease.

Will what we share here make a difference .. ? Does it matter .. ?

In the mountains of South Africa, there are several types of Monkeys and Gorillas who have evolved over a long period of time .. several in fact, can trace their lineage back over four times the age of the present environment in which they live ..

BUT, there is one even more remarkable "trait" that these monkeys -the so called primitive ancient relatives of human have achieved .. and that it that they have learned to live together without conflict.

They have learned that conflict and factional squabbles are a waste of energy .. the waste of an energy that provides the essential consciousness of the survival of their species.

As I watched a BBC documentary on their "tribal play" and their familial relationships - the old and the young, the male and the female, the male and the male, the female and the female, I wondered if, in fact, Humanity is so far evolved that its society could survive an epoch of earth changes .. and I wondered if our religion and our morality .. and even our survival as a species really matters ..

One thing that does matter is the code of silence - the creation of boundaries between self and other, self and cell-f .. for that is the one thing that will eventually result in extinction of Homo Sapiens.

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