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This is a fully moderated forum ..

Transpersonal Mentor ForumIn other words, this is a PRIVATE (and anonymous) forum and I get to see everything before it gets to the list and, quite often, I may answer you or comment to you directly within your own post.

This has been found a very workable formula, making questions and answers easier and cutting down bandwidth. 

  • This moderation process means that your email address and your identity is NEVER revealed to the list or any other list member as every message to the list is re-posted from our own computer and shows an email address I have set up and, my own IP number. 

    All that appears in the "From" field is [anunda forum ] 
    and your Yahoo ID becomes [anunda_member] 
    In the "Subject Field", you can place [Some identity] then the subject.

My processing of posts in this manner does not,  of course, prevent anyone else sharing their personal experience as a comment or answer to any questions asked.

Sometimes, it may take a little time for your post to appear. I do have other responsibilities apart from this list - and sometimes too, it may take time for me to word a suitable response.

I will edit out of your post anything that does not fit in with any of the guidelines (including personal advertisements and url's) .. and may reformat your post to make it easier for others to follow.

I trust you understand the how's and why's of this approach - and I'm sure that, after you get to spend some time with the group, you will see that the procedure is very effective in creating a "safe" list.

New members of the list are invited to read through the last few posts in the archives to get a "feel " for how the list operates before jumping in the "deep end".

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