List Guidelines and Etiquette

1. Sharing a personal space

Transpersonal Mentor ForumThis list is about your thoughts, feelings and reactions .. what you are experiencing and your personal philosophies. It is not about what someone else has said .. except you may use an extract of the words of another or quote a text to illustrate what you are trying to say, or to instigate a discussion.

It is not about quoting other lists, long pieces of poetry, or quotes from spiritual or personal development texts. If you feel you need to do this, ask yourself why. Anyone can be a highly developed parrot.

2. Flaming, abuse, personal attacks, judgments and criticisms.

Personal Attacks on another list member will not be tolerated. The nature of the work that I do can evoke reactions from hidden programs within your body's memory such that these unseen programs can be brought to the light of your conscious mind and dealt with.

Some people, during this process, do become very sensitive. The essence of my work is, and has been to develop a space where it is safe for people to open up and expose long hidden beliefs to themselves.

It is the responsibility of each list member to look at their personal reactions that a particular word, philosophy or even another person may bring up. You should try and go deeper through your memory to see where these reactions come from.

If you have difficulty doing this, please say so and I will do what I can to assist you to the source of your reaction .. provided you do not lay the blame on any other person. You are the one with the "problem".

3. Therapists, Preachers, Teachers, Healers and Saviors

I am happy to discuss other philosophies or points of view with those who may see things from a different perspective because there is always something that I can learn - and maybe pass on to others

This a space for you to share experiences, personal perspectives and find support. It is not a space for preaching, teaching or acting out a personal need to be a healer or savior. It is not about any particular philosophy, dogma, doctrine, religion or set of rules.

Personal advertising WILL be deleted from all posts. I will check any URL attached to your post.

4. Replying to list posts

When you are replying to a post from someone else, please help those with limited storage by quoting only the necessary portions of the original. General "netiquette" will be observed on this list and posts may be edited to ensure this.

5. Confidentiality & Copyright

This list is about creating a safe and sacred space. Nothing posted here by any list member is to be forwarded or posted to another list, person or entity without the author's permission in writing.

However, you do have my permission to use my writings, provided they are quoted in context and with reference to this site as their source.

6. You should respect the trust of all on this list.

If you have any problems, any doubts, or any questions, you may E-mail me personally. Personal E-mails to me will not be posted to this list except with your permission. 

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Theinformationin these pages isfreelyoffered for personal use only. However, it is not specifically based on individual conditions or needs. Before you act on any advice, you should consider whether it is suitable for you.

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