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Comparing your self to others

Often I get asked the question .. "How do we accept everything that happens to us". To all people, I would say - be patient with yourself ..

You see, what you read on this list is a result of the energy of this list. There are some people who have been here since its inception, and some who have recently joined us.

Comparison does not help self

What I write is the culmination of the inputs of a lot of people from whom I have learned - their challenging and their probing questions - their courage and trust in sharing their own personal process.

It wasn't too long ago that one, from his learning's and readings, used to challenge everything I wrote .. a glance through the archives will reveal that ..

But what he has shared, along with contributions of everyone else has made this list a safe place to explore the possibility of the "Big Magic" - that which is beyond words and intellectual explanation, and can only be spoken of in metaphor.

To the people new to the list .. it can take time - and can be as hard or as easy as you want to be on yourself. Many can attest to that ..

Don't compare where you think you are with me .. or with what anyone else writes .. where you are now is absolutely perfect.

Don't look through our eyes and try to see what we see .. you'll go blind.

Rather accept what I and others write as possibilities that can be seen and, accept what you see and experience now as a very valid stepping stone along a path which may seem to disappear into somewhere you cannot see .. yet

I would like to honor and acknowledge everyone who has contributed to this list and the steps that have been facilitated through your contributions. As opposed to many other lists, this is not a teaching list - it is a self-exploration list - a safe place for people to find out that where they are in their own personal life journey is OK .. right here, right now.

Eventually it moves beyond acceptance, when we can understand the reasons things happen - that there is nothing "wrong" with us .. that everything that "happens to us" is a mirror of what we are doing to ourselves .. and, sometimes, that can take a little time.

I had to die before I could fully understand, and it is from that experience, what I remembered and what I learned that I am able to write as I do ..

with the sole purpose that I know that no-one else has to die in order to find what some call enlightenment .. and, even then, enlightenment is a state of living life - not a destination or a goal - to be achieved.

Welcome to the Fire .. and yes, it can be scary when you look from the outside in .. but when you're in it, its no too bad after all. I know there have been many times in my own personal journey when I have gone through stages of fight .. and being plenty scared ..

above all - there is one thing that you can do for yourselves that, for many can be the most unfamiliar and scariest thing that you could ever imagine .. be gentle on your self - for then you may just find your own gentle self ..

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