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The Mystery behind all words is the limitation of the mind to possibility .. that there might be a common universal intelligence that transcends all words that the mind could ever come up with.

Universal Intelligence

The concept of man's "Spirituality" has been around since "The Beginning". In every time, in every civilization, in every tribe, in every society there have been those individuals who have found their own personal Enlightenment or "meaning_of_life" and written of their experiences, painted pictures of them, composed songs and built edifices made of stone.

Even the concept, which we translate as "god", of some form of "supernatural intelligence" or "creator" has had its existence recorded long before the "Christian" bible was ever written.

The Reality beyond Mystical Spirituality

The story that "God took a being made of clay and breathed into it the Holy Spirit" which appears in Genesis also appears in Hesiod's Theogyny, 700 BC and, again in Ovids "Metamorphosis" of the first century BC. Even the story of "Adam and Eve" comes from a mistranslation of a Hebrew term for ground or earth .. adamah.

We are indeed, fortunate to live in a time in mankind's evolution where "global communication" has been brought to "consensus reality consciousness".

In the past, in order to experience the world of the Hindu Philosophy, I would have to journey to India and merge into the tribal culture as far as the coloring of my skin and eyes would allow. The same would apply to the worlds of the Buddhist, the Taoist, the Toltec, the Shaman and the Ancient world of the Koori.

Now, here in my "den" Fiona (my partner) and I can "point and click" a mouse and cross boundaries of culture, creed, race and time. There are mailing lists and discussion groups where the "meaning of life" is discussed in every tribal language possible - including new words that are being made up every moment by the medical, psychological and philosophical community to preserve their own particular breed of mystique - a mystical code of silence to create a dependant elitism to separate them from the "common man".

This self-identified transcendent elitist is no different from any other human in terms of ego identification as they invent words and language, courses and qualifications to try and keep both their personal and tribal boundaries clearly defined within this global consciousness.

Global Spirituality and the Universal Intelligence

There are parallels of consciousness evolution that have existed within the developments of all "tribes" simultaneously. There is a global mind to which we are all tuned in or part of. There is a Universal Intelligence which we are all part of. The Christians call it God, the American Indian calls it Great Spirit, the Moslem calls it Allah and the Buddhist calls it Dharmakaya.

Due to the rapid ease of communication over the last hundred years or so, there are many individuals within all of these separate tribes, who have now learned to speak some sort of English. Thus, the means and the possibility exists to cross all of these boundaries to find a "Unified Spirit" of "Man-Kind".

Now - that is a laugh in itself .. the eclectic and elitist tribes of the New Age don't seem to know the meaning of "kind" as they seek to preserve their own "my god is greater than yours" trait that has been the basis of most wars and conflicts since time began.

The great survival parasite "Fear" has become the "God out there" which will save us from the "eternal damnation" which will result from rape and pillage by another tribe.

The Great Wobbegong lies in the silence at the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean .. surviving all of the tides and turbulence of the surface currents .. the whims and the winds of language.

It is the common language that crosses all of the boundaries between the tribes .. it is the language of what some would call "The Soul" or "the dreamer" .. it is the language of "god" and is the ONLY language that is spoken by the "Universal Intelligence" or "Big Mind" - beyond any tribal words and or perceptions, yet embracing all of them.

This is the "heart-to-heart" language of

It is the language that is the most "telling" as it can reduce a tribe of "Quantum Psychologists" or a fraternity of "Genetic Scientists" to a bunch of snotty nosed children mumbling in their adult beards when their "eclectic speak" is discovered for what it is and reduced to the language they first learned as children .. even before "transcendent" found its way into the English Dictionary.

It is very easy to see the so-called enlightened who have the greatest insecurity complex .. no matter what list they are on. These are the ones who try and come up with some new topic which they think they know a little bit about .. and they pull all sorts of eclectic words out of their imaginations to try and convince others of their "expertise".

A PhD can be such an impediment to the Common Sense.

Plain Language and Common Sense

The "common sense", or plain language does more than scratch the surface. It exposes all of man's insecurities by reminding the authority that the only reason he or she needed to become an expert was because at one stage they were considered a "drip" and put under considerable pressure to conform.

Narrow minds that look through tunneled vision can NEVER grasp the infinitude of the meaning of the word Universal and will always be in conflict as they try to shift their viewing angle a little this way or that just so they can say they are an authority on some unique perspective which they just made up or adopted words for .. words that have no meaning except to the tribe they are trying to impress with their "ex-spurt-ese" .. (translation - personal insecurity complex)

To the outsiders looking in, this plays on their own victim vulnerability complex with the result that all sorts of imagined ills and dis-eases rise to the surface as they seek to find words to "join the tribe" by asking the experts for their opinions - and literally hang themselves on every morsel that they think they understand.

This game has been played out throughout history. The only difference is that now, the common language of the "Universal Intelligence" is available to anyone who wants to accept that their "common language personal life experience" is "normal" and that each of the eclectic groups is abnormal because they have chosen to absent themselves from the norm through their expression ...

and the mythical "transcendent state" is nothing more than what every child experiences before someone comes along and tells it to "wake up, your dreaming .. come back to reality"

The Mystical Reality is that we all have - "Common Sense" - a sense and Spirituality that is common to all of humanity .. and the moment we lose any concept of "ex-spurt-ese" we are no longer that drip under pressure .. and all healing is possible.

This is true Magic -

The Mystery behind all words is the limitation of the mind to possibility ..
the possibility that there might be a common intelligence
that transcends all words that the mind could ever come up with.

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