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If the Self could wholly be experienced, it would be a limited experience ..
because the Self is limitless and this is incomprehensible ... Enlightenment is the Emergence of the Inner Spirit and the Realization of the "Kingdom of God"

Spiritual Emergence and Enlightenment

That which is beyond both simplicity and complexity can be explored and expressed in as many ways as there are people with different understandings of their own experience and individual meanings for the words they use.

There are no dimensions in simplicity and multitudinous dimensions in complexity. For some, the experience is of a multi-dimensional space of seeming Chaos. For others it is the No-Mind experience of No-Thing. 

What is a "right and proper" interpretation or expression of the experience for one personality "I" in terms of what they have learned, may be totally contra for another perspective even conflicting with some other internal sub-personality "I".

Elephant fingers dance lightly on the keyboard

The Elephant

There is an old story about a group of blind people who were each given a bit of an elephant to explore and experience. The experience for each was valid and correct, but the person experiencing the trunk could not relate their experience to the one who was describing the front leg even though they were both talking about the same elephant.

From their own personal experience, each spoke their truth.

Yet, the person on the ladder experiencing the ears could not understand how that experience could, in any way be related to the person beside the back leg who experienced Critical Mass when the Elephant honored its inner flow and evacuated its bowels.

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Spirit and Soul

Written expression is very much like a sighted person, trying to describe a glass of milk to a blind person who does not speak the same language and who may even be in another room.

Truth can sometimes seem a chameleon the same animal appearing differently when viewed in other surroundings.

Those who need something to believe in, because they cannot believe in them selves, have turned timeless parables and metaphors into repeating patterns of dogma and doctrine as a reflection of their victim hood and inadequacy. But, each parable or metaphor is merely a variation on the One Theme written for one Time-Space interval in Mans perceptual linear Date Line.

Spiritual Language has become rhetoric empty talk to please or persuade, manipulate or control devoid and detached from True Spirit (Hb. Ruach) the Breath of Life itself.

Even the concept of the Soul has lost its way from its origins in Greek and Latin phonetics which mean exactly the same thing the Vital Air or YHWH of Moses first commandment.

Religious Wars have been fought between personalities and groups attached to their own personal self-limiting be-lie-fs. All perceived external conflict is merely a reflection of some inner Holy War. There are both esoteric and exoteric tribes.


Meaning is sought to fulfill the experiential emptiness created by the enforced forgetting of 90% of the Unified Field of the Consciousness of Who We Are.

Our attraction through need to the one who most closely fills the hollow in the centre of the chest is labeled Love for the moment that need is satisfied ..

But, when the patterns of the individual lives progress through their cycles, the mirrors of the lie become so intense that Forgiveness is sought or offered as a cover-up to projected blame a panacea for the hidden guilt which has triggered this particular "Critical Mass"

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Heart Attack

Life can be as simple or complex as we choose. If we need to think about our Spirituality, then we are, at best, 10% Spiritually rhetorical in our conscious thoughts.

The concepts of "rightness" or "wrongness" is completely relative to the perception of the dominant "would be if it could be" personality archetype and will change like the windblown sands.

Meanwhile, for the other 11 repressed archetypes, balance is impossible to find from a pendulum mind located so far from the centre of ones personal gravity.

The Journey

There are those who tend to think of their incarnation experience as a journey along some roadway in a vehicle.

There is little desire to discern the innumerable influences and "implants" serving to comprise their perceived mosaic of existence, any more than they need to know which stones in the road cause what cuts in the tires or who dinged the doors. Their belief is that the dings and cuts present no impediment on the journey, as long as they keep their focus and intent on some "Promised Land" before them.

This propensity of focus on navigation towards the "Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow" can totally block awareness of the other 90% of the mind to the radiator that needs water, the engine that needs fuel and the build up of sludge in the sump..

"Critical Mass" is when the engine seizes because this other 90%, the vehicle, the life support for the 10% which is usually located below the throat, doesnt "fit in" to Spiritual Rhetoric.

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Whole-E Spiritual

In looking at their life experience as an illusion, the disembodied voice of the Rhetorically Spiritual tries to make the illusion work not understanding it is the other 90% that works the illusion. If/when we access the remaining 90%, then the illusion will cease to work for us and we will be working the illusion. Then we become conscious "miracle" workers consciously "Home" the Dreamer awake to the awareness and Aliveness of the Dreamer in the Act of Dreaming the Dream.

A Miracle is nothing more than a change in perception

Simplicity can never be overwhelmed but, from conditioning, everyone is blindly discusses their personal experience of different parts of the elephant and forgets that each personal perception is based on one personalitys limited perspective.

Thus, through this conditioning, we perpetually fragment and compartmentalize the brain separating our hemispheres into the 10% that looks at everything as black or white and the 90% which tries to keep some semblance of harmony between these two opposites yet continually reacts in a seemingly incomprehensible way due to the programming and conditioning of its indoctrination process.

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Spiritual Emergence - 10 thinks it is greater than 90

Gall Bladder has difficulties making decisions because it is caught between the Liver (anger) on the Right side of the body and the Spleen (Resentment) on the Left side of the body which have conspired to repress Pancreas which is the acceptance of the sweetness and nourishment of life because the Stomach is no longer able to process the food of life because the Bowel has been prevented from letting go of the shit that the Large Intestine wants to pass because it is of no nutritional value.

The 10% Intellectual and Learn-ed Mind which says that "letting go of one's shit is not the right thing to do in church" has been force fed a diet devoid of Life Force because of the great repression of the energy of Life Itself which is rooted in the area of the genitals and in the base chakra, in whose symbol can be found the Elephant representing both Strength, Endurance and Memory and this is what governs the proper functioning of the Liver.

All happens in the 90% of the brain we don't use which is in all of those organs that the other 10% tries to repress all of the time .. even when we are on bended knee in the obescience and groveling in the hypocritical piety some call a prayer to our "Father" who dwells in absentia in some mysterious Heaven to give us "our daily bread" ..

In essence the origin of this prayer is for our release from under the layers of mind imposed bondage and the release of the inner Whole-E Spirit the essence of Who We Are..

The Hebrew root of Father is "ab" as in Source descriptive of the One or the Eternal Essence of ALL Life that is both the drop which exists in the ocean and the ocean which exists in the drop.

True Prayer is an act of Meditation a Yoga of Bhakti total immersion in the worship of the infinity of who we are.

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100 Enlightenment, The End of Duality

There are as many paths to "Enlightenment" as there are souls, neither one being any more "right" than another. One can take what feels right and leave the rest.

But that other 90% of mind is the "Unconscious you" and has your best interests "in mind" while shaping the mirror which most call the "illusion" of existence reflecting all unresolved external needs, wants, desires, expectations .. In answer to your prayer for "Salvation".

These reflections are brought to us in every day life as the voice of our 90% speaking in the silent language of symbols providing the "illumination" experiences we call on and pray for yet decry as "illusion".

Every cycle of denial is another vertebrae locked into the Tower of Babel of the spine which has, as its foundation, all of our mothers hopes, fears and expectations.

Frozen in the sacral centre or Svadhisthana, through which one experiences the deep feelings associated with ones position in the physical world is this centre of manifestation for 90% of our creativity.


For those who deny their earthly connection with the world in which they live, the anal sphincter finally "Gives up the Ghost" and the mind passes judgment on the content of what has not been released from the Bowel.

And, in order to get as far away as possible from the matters of Earth and the lower nature in the pursuit of the promised Eternal Reward for denial of "Earthly life" calls it a "Spiritual Experience" which it truly is .. because one has finally "Met their Maker".

Anahata (The Heart Centre) stores the Akashic Record of regrets for relationship issues unresolved and the conflicts between the Crown and the Base.

These are all of the opposites created between 10% and 90% and their children and their childrens children according to the Tao.

First there was the Eternal Tao .. From One came two; from Two came three; .. from Three came the ten thousand archetypal descendants of the Books of Genesis and Numbers.

The 10% ego illusion of Purity has created unconscious Self-Judgment manifesting as the exercising of Free Will and the Karma that predestines the next revolution of the personal Wheel setting a path for 100% to re-incarnate as an ancestor (Rhetorically called Soul) of the next generation once again to be split 10%/90% as the False Prophets teach once more of the childs birth in Original Sin and need for Baptism which is nothing more than a "Dogma Speak" corruption of ancient language where sin meant nothing more than female and the child was washed of the afterbirth products.

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Immanuel - Non Duality

The Quaballa says that "Enlightenment comes when the Crown meets the Firmament" through Malkuth merging with Kether. The other way of putting this is "Enlightenment comes when your third eye is at one with your turd eye and you can face all of your own shit".

All the Holy Wars fought, lost and won in a futile attempt to keep 10% and 90% separate.

The internal hum of the Sruti, which can be heard when the mind is still, is the Voice of Atman Om Namah Shivayah I AM the interpenetration of all of the Elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.

"Shema Yisrael Adonai Elonu Adonai Echad"

is the triumphant cry of Truth when the Elephant in Visuddha (the throat) merges with the power of its mirror twin in Muladhara (the base) trumpeting the call of The Breath given Voice in fully Realized BE-ing

Real-ization is the Kingdom the Realm and the Essence the Return to the Garden of Eden as the Consciousness of Brahmin finds living expression through the third Buddha Body some call Shamballah. 

This is Home the Union of the Seeker in the act of Seeking the Sought
the Sacred Tantra of ones Union with the Beloved.

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The Sun and the Moon

The spontaneous uttering of the unpronounceable Word brings down the walls of Jericho (Hb moon reflections). The Hindu many armed, elephant headed Ganesh removes all obstacles. 

The fulfillment of the Moses metaphor (Hb Moshe Teacher who emerged from the waters) culminates in Revelations where the anima and animus (unconscious male and female archetypes) are brought to life from the other Chakras (vortices in the flow of Life Energy) by the rising Kundalini (Inner Whole-E Spirit). 

Armageddon - Death or Spiritual Emergence

The Tower of false ego belief is destroyed. Gabriel announces another Christ (realized BE-ing) is born from the expression of Ether and the Earth as One. 

Kodoish Kodoish Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth 

Sampson (who was the greatest journalist of all time) took two separate columns and, drawing them together to remove the pillars of Duality, brought the house down.

In a personal letter to Dr Vasavada on 25th Nov 1954 Jung writes ..

"Although we receive the Light of Consciousness from the Self and although we know it to be the source of our illumination we do not know whether it possesses anything we could call consciousness.
If the Self could wholly be experienced, it would be a limited experience because the Self is limitless and this is incomprehensible ... "
(From "Hinduism and Jungian Psychology" ISBN 0-941404-44-7 - p 192)

The Innocent shepherd boy, David slays Goliath with a euphemism for Spirit, taken from a dried up water bed a sling shot that finds and penetrates the one weakness in the amour of the strongest personality the gap behind the fore-brain from which the fetal heart first descended.

"Critical Mass" can be the Death of the Physical Body or the Spiritual Emergence leading to the death of the ego and the rise of the Enlightened Being.

And Elephant fingers dance lightly on the Keyboard

Eyah Asher Eyah <> Om Tat Sat  

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