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Religious and Spiritual Stories Myths and Legends
In our early childhood spiritual and religious education, there were a few stories that captured our imagination and perhaps made a bigger impact on us than others. Some even made it on to the "Big Screen". The Story of Moses and that of King David were amongst them.

However, were these "Bible Stories" really the way we were told .. or was there something underneath them that we "saw through" - some other essence - an awakening of a deeper knowing - a remembering that was to be buried under the following years of Dogmatic Institutional Indoctrination - and made wrong.

The Song and the Song Master

When reading any "Spiritual Text", there is what is apparently written in the text (with the interpretations we are taught to believe) - and a much bigger picture that is available to those who can either read the ancient languages or who bother to look up a good Concordance rather than take what is told as a belief on face value.

Then there is an essence hidden for those who dare to put the knowledge to one side and look for the essence of the parable. This is applicable to ALL scriptural and spiritual texts, once we still the noise the mind makes when it tears the words to shreds looking for a meaning.


The story, theme and archetype of the energy of King David has a far wider implication than on face value. David is referred to amongst other things as the "Song master" and the "Lion and the Lamb". The one we know as "Jesus" was from "David's Line Descended" ..

There are so many clues here which were left in the Biblical Texts in their original mistranslation from the Hebrew and the Aramaic - and when one looks for the metaphor rather than the historical (or literal) account, much more is revealed.


To go back to the story of Moses in Exodus, when Moses ascended the "mountain" to confront the "burning bush" which spoke to him, we have a part of an archetypal metaphor which appears in all of the world's spiritual traditions.

Moses had a Spiritual Emergence - he had a Kundalini Awakening.

Ascending the mountain is, of course, the "ascension of consciousness". The element of the immutable fire that burns but does not consume is the symbol of what some loosely translate as the "Heart" energy .. finding its parallel as "Rudra" in the Ancient Vedas - the scripture behind Brahmanism and Hinduism - which preceded the "biblical" account by several thousand years.


It wasn't "God" who spoke to Moses, but YHWH.

Now, in the Ancient Hebrew, YHWH is unpronounceable - it is the "sound of the breath" and "parses" as the present continuing tense of the verb "to be". Thus, YHWH transliterates as "I AM in the continuance of my Being" and, as it is unpronounceable, spoken only on the sound of the breath, it is the earliest form of "ruarch" or the "Breath of Life" - which is the origin of the word "Spirit" (as in Spirituality).

Within both the Moses and Davidic metaphors, we find a parallel with "The Tao" which Lao Tzu scribed in the Chinese characters which have become known to the English Speaking world as the Tao Te Ching .. after their earliest English Translation by Jesuit Missionaries according to the Roman Catholic Litany.

Hidden Kundalini

The Moses Parallel is important, because David was NOT the lamb of "god" but, the "Lamb of YHWH". In other words, he was one who had "surrendered to the breath" and thus, a "shepherd boy" as an expression of this individuality.

Judea is a metaphor for the personality ego .. as is the term Pharisee, of which "Goliath" was the biggest and the strongest.

There are many "hidden metaphors" in the Bible - the translators substituted the "key" word "stone" for the energy of the "transmission of spirit" - and, in the story of David, that special stone was taken from the Earth in the bottom of a dried up creek bed. 

Here we have a clue to the essence of David's expression as a child - Kundalini, the "Spiritual Emergence" rises from the center of the "Kund" or pot in the "earth" below the dried up emotions and strikes like a sling shot (or a snake striking) in the center of the forehead where there is a weakness in the personality armour - "third eye" or what some know as the "Christ Consciousness Center" - effectively destroying the personality ego, leaving only the individuality of the One in Union (Yog) with the Breath.

This David, then, is the Lion of Judea. One whose integrity, innocence and purity is the Immaculate Conception of the Breath, the Tao, or the Way - the first emanation - the first separation which has no opposite - the One - "The Word Unspoken in My Name". the Lamb. An apparent dichotomy.

Sacred Tantra

This is the "Light" before it is separated into Heaven (Hb "ab") the masculine principle and Earth (Hb "em", the Feminine Principle - long before religion got in and put all sorts of other meanings on Male and Female.

The seeking of the Union of "ab" and "em" to find the essence of "One" - the Davidic Essence - is the myth behind all Tantra Practice - where Tantra stems from a Sanskrit word meaning "The Warp of and Weft of the Weave" - the Union of the Male Shiva and his consort, the Female Shakti.

Spiritual Emergence

With the consciousness of this Metaphor revealed, the story of the Birth of Jesus (by an Immaculate Conception - from David's Line Descended) can be better understood.

However, for the Priests of the Fundamentalist "Christian" religions to admit this is to immediately nullify their "authority" and their ego to the detriment of the Institution.

The Battle

Of course, when this "emergence" happens within the individual, there are battles that are fought between the personality archetypes - and here, the Metaphor of David's Life and the wars he fought with the tribes follows a parallel with that of Moses spending his time in the "Wilderness".


One New Testament version of this story can be found in Jesus' words on the cross "My God, My God, why hast thou Forsaken Me" - nothing more than the collapse of everything that he had believed in as he faced his own personal darkness. A Metaphor for the resolution of the personality archetypes can be found in the meeting of the Risen "Christed" one as Jesus with his disciples in the Upper Room of the Last Supper - before he con-joined with his "Father in Heaven". We are all well aware of our personal "Doubting Thomas's" .. and all of the characters represented by the Disciples (and the signs of the Zodiac)

The Heart Center and the Breath of Life

Returning to the Story of the Song Master, his Holiest of Holies - the "Tabernacle" is his own Heart Center - the "seat" of this Essence of "one-ness" - not a fortified cave, but in the flimsiest of tents in the desert.

It is when one is in touch with this essence that the Breath of Life finds its expression in the "Harmony of the Spheres" or the "Dance of Bliss" as all pairs of opposites merge and separate in a perfect harmony of awareness in its most unbiased sense as the comparative and judgmental learning of the thinking mind gives way to that intelligence found in the part of the brain that, throughout our evolution, has remained hidden in the anterior Heart Muscle.

Inner Peace

When this finally happens, anything that is contrary to this "Inner Peace" becomes part of the "Battle that Must be Fought" - and here the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" finds its meaning as the personality starts to look on the Davidic essence as (Hb) "El" or "Master" and the wakening consciousness cries out "Mine Eyes have seen the glory of the Coming of the Lord"

What I have written here might give you a completely different perspective on the old religious stalwart .. what is known as "David's Song" - or the 23rd Psalm ..

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