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Compassion can never exist for self or other 
whilst there is subservience to any archetype of Father or Mother.

The Union of Heaven and Earth

An archetype or complex is, within itself, its own web which contains all tulpas - collectives, definitions and usages of the label. These archetypes lie both within the collective unconscious - the Subconscious  of the body personality and in the great Supraconscious of The Universal Mind.

As the creator, destroyer and sustainer of all archetypes, the Spiritually Enlightened Individual lies at the Heart as the Living Bridge between what to most
are the two great unknowns - Heaven and Earth.

Love can only exist when these opposites are allowed to resolve their differences through a Heart which fills the Void by flowing with the Universal Breath.

Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother

It is impossible to resolve any issues with any part of an archetype complex whilst even one of the sub-archetypes lies unresolved. The body "hears" and responds only to the Primary complex according to its emotional overlaid experiences with all of the peer models.

Mother, for example as the Primary Archetype Mother will contain biological mother, Holy Mother, Mother Mary, Mother Superior, Mother Church, Mother Earth - and any other "generic mother" you can think of. This, of course, includes mothers in law, step mothers .. etc etc ...

Father adds a further complexity as the polar opposite of Archetypical Mother . Within this Father complex is the added father sub-archetype which has no apparent mother opposite (or has it ..?) - and this is "Father God".

Mother cannot exist without Father
Father cannot exist without Mother -
and neither can exist without Child.

The Child complex contains all childhood experiences and is the meeting point of all divergences, opposites and parallels created by the separate identities of Mother and Father - Heaven and Earth.

The Child complex is the product of the Search For Meaning for two arrested children who have suddenly found the label Mother or Father as a value symbol in their lives. Thus, they try to live their lives through their manifestation and, with the realization that what they have produced does not fulfill their inner pain, they are unable to provide a peer model which allows their product to move into man-hood
or Womb-man-hood.

To Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother is to understand this within your self and, from that point of compassion allow the child to release the need for attachment to any image of Mother or Father which it holds on to because of unresolved past issues.

Thus Mother and Father is released from the burden of their own separation. The child through its act of Compassion no longer holds Mother and Father as separate, thus receiving the Act of Grace which allows it to become a fully mature Man or Womb-man.

This is the expression of the Emergence of the Inner Whole-E Spirit - which will bring all unresolved childhood issues out of hiding in an effort to erase the emotional mind backed up on that internal disc by the admonition "Don't you ever forget that".

So, you forget who you really are until one day, at the personality mind's deepest and darkest moment ..

You break free.

You rise up from underneath all of the layers to shine again like the Hoped For
you have been hoping to find. thus "Honoring Thy Mother and Father as your unwitting, unrecognized and unthanked Greatest Teachers .. 

The Union of the masculine and feminine principles of Heaven and Earth allows the Inner Child to emerge as the embodiment and expression of both the Christ Consciousness of Love and the Buddha nature of Compassion.

This is En-Light-En-Ment

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