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and the Universal Dream
Can you tell where The Beginning is? Can you tell where The End is? For you to think that you can tell this, shows that you have not looked deep or long in to the pool of your Reflective Self.

Weaving The Dream

All is a continuum. There is no beginning, there is no end. All is an ever weaving pattern that merges thread to thread, lifetime to lifetime.

There is a Grander Weaving that each is part of, but as yet, of which you may know not. It is this Weaving that brings people together in one place at one time. For whatever the reasons you have come to read this, you are reading to choose to become part or not of what is about to be woven as another pattern over the pattern of your life thread.

Dreaming - the expression of Hope

There is a state that is sometimes called Universal Consciousness and whether you know it or not, you are for ever, in some way, linked to it. It is an awareness, an intuition, a knowing, a feeling, a hope, a dream that you are familiar with and this is what has brought you to this place and this time.

Now in the Earth's forming is a time for healing. The healing of the Earth can only take place when the individual is healed enough to know that the Earth requires healing.

There is a point where the individual has realised that there is more to life on Earth than acquiring possessions and the pursuit of Man made desires. There is a time when the introspective nature of Man awakens from the introspection of "I verses the World" to the introspection of "I am the World" and so "I must take responsibility for the Earth, I must allow myself to rediscover the ablility-to-respond".

All are at various stages of this discovery and all are feeling and knowing your way along your various Paths.

You, who are drawn to read this have come together, no matter what you think your reasons, in response to the Inner Knowing, the inner tuition, the inner guidance that is your connection to the Universal Weaving. You are as one. It is your choice whether to allow the unfolding to take place. It is your choice whether to allow what the Universe can give to come to you as an individual and as a group to be.

Each commitment You make - and You are making a commitment by reading this - is not primarily one for your own little Earthly self but rather one for your Universal Self.

Know that your Universal Self is Eternal. As you act now, so you will set the scene for the lifetimes you are to experience in the future. The planning, the work, the care and Love you can bestow through your commitment is one for the Now and for the Future, the future of your children and the children for generations to come.

Now, here in this present time, you have the ability and the opportunity to set the Paths for the future.

Now, here in this time, you count and your actions and intentions count.

Now, here in this present time you have an opportunity that has been brought to you by the part of you that is linked to the Universal Wholeness that connects All That Is.

You have created this opportunity. It is your choice whether you run with the Wind of the Universe or languish in the small world of the small I and small men.

But first, you must become the city of life within your Self

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