Transpersonal Life StreamsHope
and the Universal Dream
.. and the last thing out of Pandoras box .. was hope

The Dream Book

The dream starts and ends with each individual .. me, you, everybody. In awakening to the hope, in awakening to the dreaming, the essence of Love is realised as the barriers of self and Other dissolve into the One Universal Self which embraces all of Mankind.

I am - the Dream, the Dreamer and the Dreaming

A Dream exists in the unformed planes of Universal Consciousness. This dreaming is shared by East, by West, by White, by Black, by Brown and by Yellow.

The dreamer shares the Dream of Hope with all races and creeds of Man. This dream of Unification is shared by the Elders of communities and by the children.

In the Dream Notebook, you will find writings of a more inspirational nature which are an expression of hope - an expression of the dream - the voice of the dreaming.

The negative aspect of hope is fear. We have been taught to fear our hope. I trust that you may find a word which triggers a remembering of that hope you were born with - a childhood hope, or knowing which has been consigned to the dreaming by layers of behavioural conditioning.

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