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and the Universal Dream
There is a part of you that is connected to All.
By the term All, I mean everything in the Universe.
The whole Universal Field

Faith is the absence of conditioning

There is no such thing as accepting in faith. True Faith is merely the absence of learned beliefs, behaviour and conditioning. To accept you is to apply the mind as the translator of the heart and accept the truth that is revealed to you.

Who are you ..

Let me ask you a question. Let me talk to a part of you, for that is all I can speak to until you make yourself whole.

The question I would ask is, "where are you?"

Think of your answer, and make it as complete as possible. Perhaps you will give me your geographical location. Perhaps you will speak of where you are on you spiritual path. But these are not the answers to, "where are you?" Both are limited perceptions.

To you, in your here and now, you may be your mind or your body. But that is not all of you. The body is but the transient exterior, the ever changing vehicle for who you are.

Begin, if you will, to remove the limitations to your perception of you. There is much more to you than the mind and the physical body, but like any vehicle they require attention and maintenance. Ever since you were conceived in human form you have been taught to do your best to ignore all parts of you.

The Grain of Sand

See yourself as sand. Imagine yourself as sand. Sand can be seen as tiny separate grains, just as Man sees himself as the small insignificant individual. Sand can also be seen as a beach, beautiful and expansive. It is more rare for Man to see himself as beautiful and expansive. Sand can be a powerful desert that lasts beyond the limits of time, changing and flowing with the seasons and the years. Man does not see himself as powerful or flowing.

The sand was once a pebble, that was a stone, that was a rock that formed the land. So sand evolved to a grain that flowed into an oyster and is the heart of a pearl.

A Man is a Man, separate and unmoving. This is how most see themselves. Yet you see a grain of sand and can look without emotion at it's evolution from a huge rock to a pearl and know that each stage, each evolvement was a natural stage.

Who you are

Why when it comes to your own evolvement, do you halt and feel fear rising from within yourself? Is it not that there is a natural progression from one form to another in all things? Why do you exclude yourself? Why do you hold so tightly to who, where and what you are?

In so doing you prevent the natural flow of universal harmony which is the essence of All. If the land itself on which you walk is open to change and allows itself to flow, why do you set yourself up as being separate and different? You are not.

The true you is All. You contain the essence of All. Universal harmony is you, but you are not willing to recognise it. You place boundaries of time and space around everything you do and everything that you think you are.


Try allowing yourself to flow with the essence of you. Stop fighting to be separate. In your terms, "it is a waste of energy". You are where you are because you think you are there, because you think that you are limited to your physical body. In fact, your thoughts create the limitations that hold you bound and tied.

Allow that there is more, allow that there is a universal harmony and feel within your own being the strength of the Universe as it is in you and as you are in it.

Then answer my question, where are you?

Why cannot you accept that you are magnificent and whole? Why must you digress from the path that your Soul has created for you? You cannot accept your completeness and go on struggling and processing and making real all that is already reality if you would only let it be so.

But you will not. You argue within yourself as to the truest expression of beauty, which You are. You argue that you are not worthy, that you could not possibly accept that you are God. Well then that is your problem, for you see it as such. I do not for I do not judge.

Your Creation

You, in your mind, create so many, in fact all of the problems that you find yourself dealing with. You are the centre of your problems because you are the centre of your world and all else is exterior.

In truth this is your conditioning, the human conditioning that you are trying so hard to rid yourself of. The fact that you see that there is something to be rid of is another conditioning that you have taken on for yourself.

As a child you conditioned yourself. You were told that the cup was hot but you would not accept that it was so and you got burnt when you touched it. Your parents reinforced this by saying that "Oh well we all have to learn these things for ourselves".

As a child you were told that the steps were to high for you to jump from, but being the human you were you had to test this and fell. The conditioning is two part; it is a body conditioning that accepts that the body could not cope with the height and a conditioning that says I have to test this for myself, because I am different and separate from everyone else.

So it goes on through all of your life that you test and cannot accept these conditionings of body and separateness are beneath all of your processes. They can be circumvented by making real in your mind the truth of you.

To do this you must apply the mind as the translator of the heart and accept the truth that is revealed to you. Test yourself again and see if you can accept you.

There is no such thing as accepting in faith.

Faith is merely the absence of conditioning.

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