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and the Universal Dream
A people that are not dependant on the past for encoded behavior,
a nation that is free from the constraints that tie individuals
into patterns of repetition and limitation.

The Dream of Unification

The Dream that there can be a world of new and creative change
where no Man is tied into past learning's, where all remembering is available to prepare for a future time of incarnation where even the physical density is lightened generation upon generation.

Dreaming - the expression of an Inner Hope

Cannot you see the limitless possibilities for rapid evolution where all lessons are a joy and those that are not, are gone through without the need of judgment?

Such is the future that is within reasonable reality.

Such is the future to which you can dedicate yourself.

In some way you can contribute to the overall dream by contributing your piece to the jigsaw. This jigsaw will not be complete without all the pieces, but if enough pieces are brought together, then can some idea be gained by others as to where they fit in.

The dream is the dream of Unconditional Wholeness,
the dream of Unification,
the dream of Peace,
the dream of co-operation,
the dream of the end of separation.

Know, that first of all the dream must begin with you and within you, that it can only begin with unification of the Self.

Know that the first step to forming a community begins with you, the individual, forming a co-operative within you.

Know that as you become the community within, so then can you realize this co-operation with one another, sharing what you have become.

All personal pathways lead eventually to One.

It is with this focus that people are being brought together to provide support networks for each other and for each group as unification takes place firstly within the Self and then within the individual groups. From this, groups can grow into networks and grids where each group, each link becomes the healer, the healed and the act of healing.

Perhaps the ultimate aim and direction is to provide an example and an environment for all who wish to explore and experience the evolution towards Wholeness. This is something that you cannot learn from books. It is not an intellectual exercise. It is not something to get into, to watch somebody else go through thinking that it doesn't apply to you.

You matter

You, the commitment you can make to yourself and your individual healing matters.

This personal growth is the basis for a far greater unity that, if you will allow, will spread not only from you to your family but to a group, a country a planet and far beyond - freedom from the burdens of ego and society conditioning is the basis for a whole new life style.

Unconditional Love is the "glue" that will hold everything and everybody together. The Gift of Unconditional Sharing, to be able to share without condition, is the source of the greatest joy that can ever be experienced.

The community, the co-operative, the network of existing co-operatives is all about getting involved, about doing through being. There are endless possibilities which can be considered, and brought into reality.

Each person has potential, skills and ideas which can be shared for the greater evolution of the whole. This is stage, a point of focus. What evolves is not up to them, or him, or her, it is up to You. To make a commitment to yourself and the Planet is your choice.

Become part of the dream.

In creating, the act of creating, you are separating your self from the whole. All acts do not exist when done with the conscious intention of being the whole. It is a form, concept that is not readily assimilable in the reality of the world in which you are living.

To be is more than to allow. It is when the intention is so much a part of the one that there can be no separation. It is most commonly illustrated with the story of the Zen archer. It is a concept of the action of inaction, it is the merging of opposites, of active and passive.

When the active discipline of the mind becomes the inactive discipline of the whole body then can passive activity be allowed to happen.

When you are merging opposites in your daily life you are practicing the disciplines of this way.

When you allow, you are practicing the disciplines of the way.

The way is not definable because infinity is not definable. All complements all opposites are the way.

The way is the space, the encompassing void.

The way is the encompassing whole without the separations of subject and object.

There is no subject there is no object.

There is no focus, there is no outcome, there is no cause and effect, for the effect gives life to the cause and visa versa

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