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I Dare to Dream

I dare to dream
   of a time that we can be, together:

I dare to dream
   of a time that I can be there for you;
For you to share your load, your cares,
   your worries and frustrations,
   your joy, your happiness,
your love

I dare to dream
   that you can tell me openly and fearlessly
   of those thoughts and feelings that weigh you down.

I dare to dream that I can share your load;

Not to take your identity from you,
   but to give you that identity;

Because in sharing
   you can release the chains that hold you down
   and impede your growth.

I dare to dream
   of a time that you can free yourself;
   that we can hold on to one another

and just be.

You do not need to fear that in opening to me honestly

And talking about
   those things that 'throw you',
   those things that fester inside you,
   those hurts, those worries,
   those angers and fears;

You do not need to fear from me a negative response;
   Or that you will dampen this Love I have for you:

Because my reaction is an ever deepening love,
   An ever deepening love, compassion and caring,

And a desire that I can listen and hear you,
   A desire to show you gentleness and understanding;

To share.

I dare to dream
   that together we can grow,
   that we can work together, play together,
   laugh together, cry together,
   and love together.

When we are together,
   it is OK for you to feel that you belong.

You are at home:
   you are home, and you are free
   to be the Human you want to be.

You are no less a Human for what you are,
   and we are:

And love,
   that Love I have for you is there to give you freedom
   and release you so that you can be,
   and yet be there for when you need.

I love you and, I dare to dream.

"I Love You - and I Dare to Dream" was written, published and © by Transpersonal LifeStreams®, Tasmania, Australia.
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