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Believing ..

Situations sometimes have a way of seeming impossible;

But things do have a way of working out --
   If only we can keep on believing --

Believing in dreams, in what we really want;
   and not settling for anything less than what we know is right for us.

Believing in our strengths, in the faith of our convictions;
   in the courage to go on --
   even when it would be so much easier to quit;

Believing in ourselves ...
   in the people we are ...
   and all we can be ...

Believing in life ... in love ...
   in how much is offered ...
   in how much we have to share ...

And how much life can be everything we want it to be
   if only we can keep on believing ...

The time is now;

No other moment do we have to create tomorrows past.

We must be totally conscious of this moment,
   for it is to become part of our memories;

And if we do our best,
   so will all our memories be happy ones and free from regrets.

Of course, we can do it better now,
   proving just how much we have learned.

You find what you look for.

There is a world that can be filled with love ...
   filled with happiness ...

There is a world where you can celebrate The Wonder of Life.

Do you dare to begin to see within
   the Light, the Love,
   the laughter, the joy?

There is a bridge
   the bridge across forever ...
   the bridge over reality ...

Will you cross to explore a world that has forgotten how to love?

Will you cross to reach out to a future
   filled with love, joy, fun, laughter and happiness?

Can you find your inner love; can you allow miracles?

In this moment will you acknowledge your vastness -

Will you dare to dream, vision and create a brave new world

Filled with the real meaning of Love,
with it's infinite depth of feeling,
caring and respect, sharing and trust


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