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The Absolute Dreamer

I am The Absolute,

I am birthless, deathless, eternal;
   the baseless base of beginnings
   the sure foundation unmeasured
   the causeless Cause of causation
   the Living Root of illusion.

All these am I
   And other things unmentioned -

The sum total of reality expressed in Nought;
   unmoved, unquestioned, undefined,

I am Omnipotent.

Veiled by the robes of empty space
I dream
   the troubled nightmare of Creations Plan
To wake
   and find Creations Plan dissolved again in me &

Of me you little know, and yet

I am the Sum
   of all that has been, is, or yet to come -
   the Plan, the Planner and the Planned For - all in one.

I am the Dreamer,
   I, the one before the beginning,

   The word unspoken in my Name;

   I am - The All Pervading

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