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Hearing the Children

  • Is what you tell your children truth?
  • Is the truth, as you hold it, absolute?

How Big is the world .....?

Several, but not too many hundreds of years age, a child asked its parent, 'How big is the world?'

The parent replied,  'The world ends where the sky meets the distant mountains.'

Another child asked a few years later, 'How big is the world?'

The parent said,
'If you sail three days you will come to the end of the world and will fall off.'

Yet now we know that this is not the case.  We have measured the earth, drilled it, travelled around it and flown above it.

We know all there is to know about it, or do we?  Is it not possible that there are things unseen by tired adult eyes that are visible to open children's eyes?

Cannot the mystery and essence of expression of the world that a child sees be the truth?

Must we, as adults, kill all that is free and spontaneous in the world as we try to hold and capture the essence that is life?

Are we so jealous of the open expression of a child that we will stifle it, just as our parents did to us and their parents to them?

How can the children live?

How many layers of binding must we apply before we realise that these ties and filters are smothering the children, causing them stress, illness, disease and so called behavioural problems?

We are forcing the children to be carbon copies and they are not carbon copies of anyone, they are divine souls within bodies and their bodies are the vehicles of the expression of divinity.

Do you, with your layers of wrappings and now self imposed restrictions wish to kill divinity, for that is the choice that those who work with children and interact with children must make, be they parent, guardian, counsellor, teacher or grandparent.

The alternative is to help the child discover divinity not by doing but by accepting the divinity that is inside you, by removing the layers of wrapping around your own divinity and, by example, by genetic linkage, freeing your children from the layers that hide their honest soul expression.

Do you have the courage to do this for the children,
not only your own but every child you work or interact with?

  • The choice is yours to make. Make it now, for the future of humanity rides on your commitment to your Self.

  • We look over our shoulder to see who is watching ... and then train and discipline our children - contorting and constricting them out of existence

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