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Hearing the Children

A Child asks 'Why&'

A child sees the truth &
Sees the lies ...
Sees the projections ...
Sees through the facade ...
Sees the self beat up ...
Sees the manipulations.

A child, in total, absolute innocence, a child whose body remembers and who isnt completely shut down, asks the question - WHY?

From those adults around, judgement descends.
Missiles are fired - words of denunciation and derision. The searing pain of rejection.

As it is unsafe to respond, the child "becomes invisible. The response of anger directed at The Innocent in the child ... Illogical, irrational, nihilistic.
There is no defence.

The quest for understanding is made wrong.
Innocent knowing made wrong.
Expression made wrong.

Matriarch and Patriarch strive to shut down The Innocent because, for them to remember their innocence & for them to remember their own shutdown is too painful &and can only ever come at death.

The excruciating pain of death throes answers the question WHY?

The innocence of childhood, the quest to understand why adults and the world are as they are, to know the truth of ones Self forever made wrong by the shadows of Matriarch and Patriarch ...

The shadows of their shadows tremble at The Innocent childs questions.

Religion - the need to regulate and control has forever made the knowing of the child wrong ... Banned "The Innocent from Eden."

The quest for information can be controlled, but the quest for intrinsic intuitive knowing is forever held secret because it is made wrong. The child is forced into a resigned silence. Not allowed to speak - made to sit up and behave.

The basis of the Education system is to not enquire.
To deny the child the right to ask WHY?
Rules are made to punish children who do ask WHY?
Do as I say, not as I do.

Condemned in sonorous tones. Judicial judgement conveyed by tone and look, heaped on a tiny body seeking approval. Seeking to be part of the scholastic tribe and gain acceptance from peers.

Why do our children have to be normal? What is "normal" .. what is possible ..?

National Curriculum development and criteria based assessment are focused on learned outcomes, categorising children into learning levels and criteria boxes, promoting mediocrity - destroying self respect - creating standardised puppets. What happens to those who dont fit a level?

Learning is teacher directed -
Dictated jargon.
A nebulous, coded report description is begrudgingly created and handed out - hiding the truth of the child.
The Parents, unable to decipher teachers criteria are made to feel inferior,
creating more confusion and separation from the child.

Language used as a weapon to divide and conquer.
The intricacies of language bastardised to satisfy the bureaucratic need to control the tribe. A strict code of silence enforced with the banning of enquiry.

How many teachers have forgotten to ask themselves WHY?

A child asking WHY? reminds Parents and Teachers of all the questions they asked, were denied the answers for and ridiculed for asking. Generations of questing for innocent understanding. The simple innocence of WHY?

A minefield of issues which explode the grief of the body into the brain.

Every time the parent looks into the eyes of The Innocent all these memories buried deep in the body remembering come flooding back.

Remembering of separation from the truth of innocence is too awesome a wound. Too awesome a grief. Shutdown is the only means of survival.

The perennial search & taught, is the only possible outcome.

The Mysteries become more mysterious. Body remembering diminishes. DNA breaks down, irrevocably. Sense of wonder dies in the eyes of the newborn. Mother Earth becomes a strange, alien place. Survival is the only passion.

Lives shattered with the eternal unspoken quest of search for meaning.
Why we are here. Empty, meaningless lives, unfulfilled.

Each person striving to understand the meaning of their incarnation.Why this life, this time, this body&

The asking begins as soon as the child speaks.
Shutdown begins then too.
Survival is the only option.

Empty vessels, empty hearts, empty stricken lives. The defilement of The Innocent forever reinforced by the inability to answer the unspoken question...

The answer to the Truth of ones Self.

God aspect and man made one in a living, breathing form that forever embodies the breathless unspoken word ....
The unpronounceable name of God&

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