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The Inexpressible Grief of the New Born

We look around us at the multi-cultural world we live in - and now, with the advent of the communication ease of the 21st Century, this world is much closer to home. For many of us it also exists in our own country, our own state - maybe even in our own neighborhood.

We have created the "up close and personal mirror" as the greatest tool for our own enlightenment.

Through whose eyes ..

In our audacity to think that what we have been taught to believe is the way it is, do we ever consider that this multi-religious, multi-cultural, multi-racial mix of victor and vanquished may also exist within the genes of our own family tree?

Who is it looks through your eyes, hears through your ears and feels through your heart?

Are you really sure who your parents and grandparents were.

Are you really sure your family tree is as you were told it is - that the god you were brought up to worship is the god of your forebears .. ?

Who is it that your thinking conditioned mind tries to repress the moment it cries out with the memory of the pain of a refugee or the victim of rape or one of the other atrocities of a war .. what God or Goddess did this person believe in ?

Throughout the history of human kind there have been many wars which were fought on the grounds of some religious or spiritual conquest.

The Gods and Goddesses were called on to protect and guide the soldier and the sailor as he waged war in the Holy Name without due regard to the Gods and Goddesses of the peoples they were seeking to overcome in the pursuit of a glory to uphold the Name of their personal superior being .. the name of Conquest of the hidden worlds of the Tribes

No Religion or Spiritual Cult is immune from this charge - or the consequences of rape, pillage and plunder -

Not even now - in this age of Enlightened thinking where the mirror is in front of us in glorious technicolour at the press of a button.

Whoever we, thinking conditioned mind, is taught to believe we are, buries the sensory reactions (or re-enactments) to the events we see and hear and follows on like so many puppets to the slaughter - just like our ancestors - in the pursuit of Sacrifice to a God who might be seen to prevail to give us some reward in the after life.

Birth ..

As a new born when we first emerged through the tunnel from the darkness of our mother's womb, what religion belief, dogma or doctrine was imposed on the defenseless infant consciousness that was, for a brief instant, one with all-that-is and who did not have the words?

or, do we as parents, think that the child we gave birth to was born to be a sacrifice to our beliefs, a defender of our faith ..?

Who is the Terrorist ..

Do you remember how, as a child, your very survival depended on the surrender of your enlightened knowing to the superior power of Mother and Father and their imagined "God" being - even though you could see through their lies but didn't have the words to defend yourself from the superior weapons of their attack?

Do you remember the deep penetration of the words they used as arrows to anchor their needs and wants into your being - projected attachments into your psyche which awakened the genetic memories of all of the ancestors of your family tree through the environment of repeated patterns

Do you remember the soul that was created for you in addition to the one that originally incarnated into that infant body. Who is it that remembers ..

No wonder we are confronted with depression in our daily lives.

Up Close and Personal ..

The words I wrote in "The Naked God Exposed" were not some definition of altruistic truth that apply to one person and not the next. They were not a commentary on Religious Differences and Spiritual Tolerance in the world around us ..

The words are very personal to each and every human being alive on this planet - and the religious conflict is handed down to us as our inheritance - as surely as eye or hair colour,

The conflict is alive in each and every one of us - awakened the moment we separated from our intrinsic beingness by being baptised into a particular set of limiting beliefs and bonded under the oath of our parents to follow a particular God Being.

This is the Light of the World we present to our Children - our feeble excuse for our own behaviour.

We tar them with the same brush with which we were tarred and feathered. We crucify them in the same manner as the Christ was Crucified and then expect them to rise up as our Saviours.

But, do we as parents, show by example the fruits of our supposed superior Spiritual Beliefs, the Love of the Christ or the Compassion of the Buddha?

"Suffer the little Children to come unto me" ..

So, we suffer, as our forebears have suffered before, in the name of some altruistic external being called God to harness the repressed truth into the emotional energy of anger and resentment through repetition of some sacred Mantra to find its outlet once more in the anger or conquest, pillage and rape?

This is the inexpressible grief of the child who has seen it all before - the grief that lies as the final bastion on the return journey to the oneness of conscious being that was at birth.

This is the search that we embark on during our journey down some spiritual path as we seek a stronger divine being to protect our idea of who we are - testing ourselves against some documented standard of Doctrine or Dogma to see "how we measure up"

Death ..

This is the conflict we experience in an effort to find the peace within .. until our whole world collapses around us or we make the conscious choice in the wisdom of the knowledge and experience reflected in the mirror

to die to all internal intolerance - once more with the wisdom of the child and face the inexpressible grief ..

This time, we may have the words to speak what we know.

But, first we have to face the darkness as the personality soul collapses once more into the Gnosis of Absolute Being

On the death bed, there is one fleeting instance - a timeless moment of no mind - before the imagination takes over and once again the soul embarks on the battle cycle of birth and death

unless ..

Truth is forever knocking at the door ..
will you reply ..

"Go away,
I'm too busy searching for truth"

The Inexpressible Grief of the New Born