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Hearing the Children

  • Can you pause long enough?
  • Can you allow yourself to really hear what the child is saying
    underneath the so called 'Behavioural Problems' and 'Learning Difficulties'?

  • Can you move beyond your need for discipline &
    to allow a child to release its grief, to express its nightmares
    and be spontaneous in its exuberant and innocent expression?

The Children are not being heard.

Many children grow up and go through a school system, sacrificed in the pressure to conform to behavioural and curriculum standards, goaded on by their parents to fulfil parental demands and expectations without any regard to the conflicts and turmoil that are set into play within the psyche of the child.

The lack of address to the right of the child to its own integrity, the destruction of faith and self esteem are seen as the major contributing factor in the increase of behavioural problems, learning difficulties and so-called psychiatric disorders.

It is also this lack of worth which is manifesting as an increase in the statistics of child suicides - particularly males.

The children who do survive grow up with this lack of personal integrity through a period of disturbed adolescence to an adulthood where conformity is desired despite the personal inner struggle which ends in a traumatic lingering death.

  • We look over our shoulder to see who is watching ...
    and then train and discipline our children -
    contorting and constricting them out of existence

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