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anunda - the art of transpersonal education,
communication, counselling and parenting

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Hearing the Children

Becoming The Child ...To Hear The Children

  • Can you pause long enough? Can you allow yourself to really hear what the children are saying underneath the so called 'Behavioural Problems' and 'Learning Difficulties'?

  • Can you move beyond your need for discipline &  to allow a child to release its grief, to express its nightmares and be spontaneous in its exuberant and innocent expression?

  • Are you absolutely sure that all is as it seems, as science portrays it, a world that can be measured and logically understood - is that all there is... ?

This is the case for many of us adults, but why do we impose these limitations of perception upon the children?

For each of us, deep inside, there is a child who has not been heard, a child who has been made wrong, a child who has had to go it alone, a child who has been denied, a child who has been brought up by "The Book", a child who has not had the opportunity to share with the elders of the tribe .... would you wish this on the children of the future?

My journey, the path of this work has been one of "Hearing The Children".

" Introduction
" Some Background the child that has not been heard
" Is what you tell your child ... the truth?
" A Child asks 'Why...?'
" Children ... finding another way
" The first breath of the child is something that you hold onto throughout all your life

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The art of transpersonal education, counselling and parenting.
for Counsellors, Therapists, Teachers, Parents, Guardians 
and Children of all ages who want to be heard.    

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