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Hearing the Children

the first word ... Da

As David and anunda started to speak
The first word that both of them spoke was .... 'DA' ...
We watched, and listened, and they repeated .... 'DA'
As they got older and started to crawl, touch things, gesture to things both inside and outside the house,
Everything was 'DA'

I asked them 'who is DA?'

They pointed to the sun and said 'DA'
They pointed to the moon and said 'DA'
They hugged the cat and said 'DA'
They stroked a pot plant and said 'DA'
They placed a small hand over my heart and said 'DA'
They took their mother's hand and said 'DA'

I started to explain as gently as I could, the name by which I knew these things ...
and was greeted by wide open eyes, a shaking of the head, a finger pointing, and 'DA' ...

DA is the first word spoken by many a child, the outward verbal expression of the Name of the Essence that is common to all things ...

They started, as children do, to draw on the wall .... I asked them was DA in the wall ... a pause, eyes wide open .... a nod of the head.
I asked 'Does DA need to be drawn all over?' .... a shake of the head ....
there has been no more drawing on the wall ...

Have we made 'DA' wrong for our children, limiting their knowing,
imposing our own needs and beliefs ? ..........

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