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Hearing the Children

Words from anunda's Grandmother

hi, my name's anna.  anunda's grandmother.   i've read the messages that each of you have been writing over time and have been sharing them with the rest of the people at the house.  last saturday i had some stuff that had been running around in my head.  it had been there for a while and i wish to share it with you.

bit of history for you guys before i go into it so that you get an understanding --- 2 months before anunda's birth my other daughter gave
birth to a girl child, india.  dannie chose not to do 'the work'
consciously.  there was a lot of physical body work being done at that time
on belinda and danni went through the 'normal, conventional channels' that
were available to her.  this showed me the polarity that was within me ---
light/dark etc , all opposites that i had to accept and acknowledge were
within me and to merge those opposites within me.  anyway what came up for
me was the remembering of both of my granchildren's births: the tears are
still there, but now they are tears of my body's joy at me finally hearing

coming up to birthdates that my body wishes to remember, and to let go of.

the two extremes of birth i've seen ---
one fighting to get out --- poisonous and harmful,
fighting for Life that is the body's to have, the Spirit to Live.

mother holding on, fearful of the birth process of what is happening ----
but the child coming --- at what cost asks the emotional i?
at no cost is the reply i receive --- all children born are children of the
Void ---
each child is Loved beyond measure, beyond thougt, beyond need ----

the Void sees no separation from itself and knows nothing more than Unity
betwee One and All....

It's Love so unlimited that unconditionally the Void allows It's children
the 'freedom' to explore the body Hu-man or human, to know the body
Hu-man/human--- to accept the body/mind/Spirit Hu-man and to move beyond, if
that is what is sought within the heart...

All are seen as an aspect of Love, Light and Life of which all can
participate and merge.  noone is 'left behind, abandoned, unloved, not seen
or felt by It'.

i needed to remember that i have never been abandoned by my Father/Mother
All that Is that gave to me the Unity of Light, Love and the gift of Life

The journey was of reaching an understanding of what my body held visible
and invisible....

the other birth was a birth born of Void ---- but this time with an incling
of understanding that what was coming was a celebration of the coming of the
Void into Hu-man --- born At-One-Ment with no sin/soul to be cast upon the

that was my judgement, placed upon my birth ---- i was born clear
At-One-Ment with Spirit, Void;  genetic clearing required, but ultimately
clear. ( my mum giving birth to me had to have 4 nurses holding her down as
her body went into energic shaking.  her thoughts during this was of evil ).

i had to take on, forced upon my young body, the mantle of a soul to shroud
the expression of Light, Love = Life that i was.  the judgements of another,
placed upon me, my shoulders to bear throughout life=survival.

the tears i cry now --- are they my tears, the body's way of reliasing of
finally acknowledging and not denying my True Birth-rite?

Truth changes upon perspective --- it is fluid and never the same.   the
perception of Truth is given and accepted at any point of time.  time is
never stagnant, but also fluid ---All Life is fluid never constant....

i looked into anunda's eyes when born ---- people around said he said
'hello' or 'thank-you', but to me, no hello was said, no thankyou ----
Nothing exchanged between us....Silence

and my body remembered at that time, unconsciously my birth and of having to
take on mantles of projections of fears of evil child, devil chid.  For one
born clear ---- words unable to convey what the body felt----

Yet my parents, my mother knew no better.

my body a few weeks after anunda's birth begun it's own form of demanding to
be heard.  i was not able to understand at that time, what was happening,
what had body/mind remembered having to take on the projections,
thoughts, fears of a 'soul' made more 'stuck' to me through baptism.

anunda's birth showed me what had been done to mine ---- i grew into a state
fo depression not knowing consciously why, but now i do---

there was a strong need in me to 'protect' anunda from chris, and
everyone... i was so scared for him translated to i was so scared for me and
what had been done to me.   i never spoke of this need that was within me
before saturday.   that happened 2 years ago.  for this was the Shame of my
birth, the intense feeling of crushing weight --- and as the infant I COULD

i could not speak the pain, the suffering, the torment of the soul placed
upon me ---- how could i?  who would have heard?

thanks for listening guys....
said that i would write this and post it....

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