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Hearing the Children

Of angels and little boys ...
       David and anunda & in the beginning &.

The date was the 31st August 1993.  Much of what follows comes from original process notes.  It's 6.30 in the morning and I'm walking on a local beach near Hobart in Tasmania with a friend who is now still very much part of this ongoing work.

We had spent previous day in very deep discussions on the subject of life and death.

"Morning, walking on the beach to see the Sunrise, to release the energy of the previous day's work into the ocean to be carried away -- to be transmuted.  A lesson in the art of walking and breathing ... to be aware of signs as we walked, but not to look for anything ... to see without looking."

"The whole beach is a sign.  Life and Death united in Creation.  The beach is made of sand that was once rock.  The rock dies so that the beach could be created, so that one grain of sand can find an oyster and become a pearl."

"Shells devoid of life, their inhabitants eaten by the birds.   Small insects eating the seaweed in turn being eaten by the gulls.  I picked up a shell with limpets on it and asked my friend, "Which are you, the limpet or the shell?"  She replied,  "I am neither; the shell is a victim and the limpet needs attachments".

"The gulls, sitting on the water were calmly riding the waves.   When one wave is a little too large and breaks the birds just fly up a little and land again to ride the calmness of the sea."

Just as the birds, we ride the waves of lifes lessons that we have crafted for ourselves.

"The Sun rose and cast its light onto the water.   It found a path to our feet and to our hearts.  The light of the Sun was golden.   Around it, magenta pink.  Behind the Sun we could see another Sun of many colours."

How often do we really take the time to look at Creation?

"All the while we walk, we see illustrations in the sand of life and death, of the circle of life, the cycles of Man."

Existence is a circle.  Man breaks the circle to be a series of straight lines.  He weights and breaks the circle creating boundaries so that progress is painful and the circle becomes a crown of thorns to be endured.

"Each thorn is of our own creation, its cycle beginning from the moment of conception.  We are, as we walk along the beach in this moment, going through the process of removing thorns, erasing any trace of their existence, allowing the circle to become whole again."

Human life tends to be segmented, like an orange.   Like an orange we are easily bruised and squashed with handling.

"The journey to freedom within Self develops a strength of spirit that remains at least partially intact even after a severe trauma.   It seems Ive been on this road before and have turned back.  Now its time to travel full circle and remove the thorns that dig into my Soul."

"Whereas before the question was "do I go on?", now it is "why would I turn back?"

Man lives the circle.  He comes into it in the East as a child and enjoys a gravity free ride to adulthood in the South. Then gravity exerts its pull as he climbs to the West carrying all the loads he has taken on, until in the West he reaches old age and finds the wisdom to unburden himself of cares and possessions, lightening his load so as to reach the home of death in the North to enjoy the bliss of a home coming and spiritual life until he chooses to slide into the East of incarnation and the cycle of birth and death again.

So Man lives, ages and dies because of gravity, it is gravity that makes the lines of age on the face and the body slumped and stooped. Mental gravity.

If Man can attain a state of pure freedom and choose consciously to leave his body, does he defeat gravity?  By embracing death, does he defeat it and transform it into birth?  Are not birth and death part of the one process of being spiritually whole?  This human physical existence is only one small part of the whole self.  Is it because man is trapped in a physical body and subject to senses that he looses touch with his other bodies, with his wholeness and so in this isolationist view allows personality and ego to beat down his own Inner Truth, the Truth that our human body is only one part of a whole being?

I am a complete circle, perhaps as yet a little misshapen and inside me is nothing and everything - all wisdom, knowledge and the innocence of a child.

"Walking along the beach the wisdom of children was clearly demonstrated to us.  We had seen many signs of life on that beach during our walk.   All the time we had been blind to the joy of life swimming in the ocean."

"They were two boys and a black-and-white dog.   The dark haired boy was a little taller than the one with red hair.  There was nothing really unusual about them -- except that we hadn't noticed them before.  I suppose they were about seven years of age."

As we walked, they came up to us and asked "Havent you seen them?"   "What?"  we replied.     "The dolphins over there, the penguin in the water just here."

"This was our local beach.  Dolphins never came there, but that morning we saw them."

Two children with all wisdom.

"We had been so engrossed in the life of the beach that we had not seen the joy of life in the water.  We had almost missed the greatest expression of life.  The dolphins were playing with pure joy.  With each leap I caught my breath.  Once or twice a spout of water went up - do I dare believe a whale was there also? "

The night before we had discussed the fact that we are not alone.   And my friend later confessed that she had asked for a sign to show her that she was not alone.  Somewhere, someone had let her know that her prayer had been heard.

We looked back to where the two boys and their dog had been.   No sign of them.  We walked back up the beach.  No footprints.

A couple of days ago, I asked my friend to put a question to David and anunda.

They were playing, as little boys do, with their toys in the living room.  She asked them, "did you come to us once, a few years ago, before you were born, early in the morning, to show us the dolphins down at the beach?"

David looked at her with steadfast eyes and smiled ... anunda, well he spluttered and dropped the piece of cake he had been chewing.  There is an enigmatic grin that he gives us when we've have had an "understanding".

We had understood, and life had come another cycle ...
                        not all angels have wings,

Ps. On the day I posted this to the server, David confirmed this story in a way that left no doubt in our minds as to the truth of our understanding ... you might like to read  "Of Angels and Little Boys ... a follow up."

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