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Hearing the Children

Children ... finding another way

This work is not about blame ... it is about finding another way ...

In the work I am involved in, I do not expect that everyone will agree or disagree ... but if 1 in 10 does something about it for themselves, then that is enough to start a powerful movement in consciousness ... and the effect is a snowball ... there is an alternative ...

My life's work has been leading up to this ... I have approached the subject from a number of directions ... and each has led to the same point ... more on that coming ...

I would like to share with you some words, written by a member of one of my groups several years ago ... and leave you with the thought that we can either react or do something about it.

If we choose to do something about it, then what we do starts and ends with ourselves ... only when the conviction of truth is built on a firm foundation within us as individuals will the energy behind what we say speak louder than the words we speak ....


People of the Earth, people of the Planet,
Command of the Earth has been entrusted to your care.
Honour it.

The colours of the sky, the colours of the water were once blue and blue.  Now they are grey and brown.
The colour of the grass was once green.  Now it is poisoned yellow.
The colour of the earth, once rich black brown, is now a myriad of colours, a poisoned rainbow.

I would say to the Children "Wake Up".

I would say to the Parents "Wake up".

I would say to the Adults of the world Wake up
and hear the cry of the Children generations distant,
the cries of the unborn,
for theirs is also the right to Planet Earth.

You are merely guardians, trustees, custodians.
The land is not yours, the trees are not yours, the seas are not yours.
You are here because Mother Earth permits.

But whether or no you understand, whether or no you accept, you are pledged to a bargain
as has every generation before you,
to honour respect and care for that on which you walk.

It is your children who would show you the way.
It is your children who cry
when the hunter's arrow strikes, when the harpoon finds its mark, when the bullet pierces the flesh.

The Children cry, for they remember, for they know,
for they look to their future
and see the wanton destruction by their ancestors.

It is the children who see the futility of war,
for they see with clarity
that there is no reason bar the petty hatreds of men.

They remember the purpose of their incarnation
to enjoy, to learn, and further,
they realise that learning
need not take the path of destruction.

Listen to the children,
and listen to the cries of the unborn,
that they also may have
a chance to experience Planet Earth.

This I would ask,
for I am Father Sky.

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