behavior, patterns and conditioning; pain, crisis and evolution  

Behavior, patterns, conditioning, pain, crisis and evolution Behavior, Patterns and Conditioning

Throughout our lifetime, in fact from the moment of our conception, most of our learning is for behavior and most of our behavior doesn't learn to happen

The Philosophy, Psychology and Psychotherapy of this web site moves beyond Behavioral Psychology by identifying, understanding and resolving the roots of problem behavior at their source rather than seeking behavior modification through the superimposing of a new pattern over the old.

Pain, Crisis and Evolution

So much of our behavior is habitual stuff, conditioned or learned behavior. We are conditioned from before our conception. We are conditioned in our mother’s womb. We are conditioned from our birth. We then learn our behavior without thinking. We have codes of conduct and behavior projected on us without even being aware that we are unconsciously performing to the expectations of others .. and reacting when our needs and expectations are not met.

Without even being aware of what is going on, we have been and we are, continuing to be unconsciously manipulated. We are supporting extras in a play of consciousness that has been written and directed by other people, society and the system. Mostly we are not the directors of that play.

Most of how we interrelate with others is a reaction .. as a consequence of deep ingrained unconscious and subconscious behavioral conditioning..
‘stuff’ that is laid on us.

· from the moment of our conception
· whilst we are growing in mother’s womb
· by what happens during our birthing process
· by genetic inheritance of the patterns of our ancestors
· by the expectations of family, peers, teachers
· by society role models while we are growing up
· throughout our lives every day as we seek acceptance for being alive.

Modern society has become the new, disguised jungle.

Man has been reduced, in his own eyes, from 'the semblance of God' to a progressive Darwinian ape, with no better incentives than those that an ape has learned, to use his hands and to read and write.

Our view of Man and existence has disintegrated Life into a sequence of dissociated experiences. It is the common belief that Man has no destiny any more, nor even a fate. For most, the purpose of Life has been lost, and Man spends all of his time here on Earth killing himself trying to avoid death. He is in the victim of society, the system and the law of accidents which he has created.

Consequently, a system of conscious and unconscious beliefs has been developed which sees that:

  • Love has degenerated, from the time of Freud onwards, to a cover-up myth for sexuality which has become nothing more than the psychological superstructure and justification for glandular processes.
  • Sex has lost its meaning from the sacred act of communion and procreation to become a tool, a weapon and an act of avoidance.
  • Work has been debunked from its once exalted view as a worship to the sacredness of life, to the point where it is considered a horrifying degrading enslavement by exploiters and a means of acquisition to satisfy self imposed needs. Lack of work has come to mean a lack of purpose and a social stigma.
  • Morality has been transformed from a sacred link between an external God and Man to a social convention system to be taken as a pretence in order that we shall adjust and conform to society structures.
  • Life therefore, is a drag through detested work, in which escape to pleasures, also without meaning, sometimes offers temporary relief, unless, of course, the pursuit of pleasure and leisure has become a competition, as is so often the case.
  • Loneliness is the fundamental mode of address of one Man to another, and emotional distance is his attitude towards everything end everybody else. Even in the company of others, the individual finds loneliness within his or her own self.
  • Death, finally, has become the total annihilation of all hopes fears and experiences, the point in time where Man finally comes to meet the nothingness in which he has lived all along. A pointless, accidental death is the end of the existence of a piece of flesh, a compound of chemicals in which all of its reactions and responses disintegrate with the chemicals comprising it. Yet the unconscious mind fears Death more than anything else.

We spend our lives killing ourselves in the pursuit
of a means of avoiding the death we fear most!

Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy moves beyond Behavioral Psychology by identifying, understanding and resolving the roots of behavior problems at their source .. rather than seeking behavior modification or management through the superimposing of a new pattern over the old.

"Behavior, Patterns and Conditioning - Pain, Crisis and Evolution" was written, published and copyright by Transpersonal Lifestreams, Hobart, Tasmania. The url of this page is and it was updated May, 2005


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