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The image of the Spiritual Serpent has been around a lot longer than the Kundalini Cobra of Eastern Mysticism - longer than the snake in the Garden of Eden. The Rainbow Serpent is recorded in cave paintings of the Australian Aboriginals which date back over 50,000 years.

Spiritual Initiation

I felt his touch on the back of my head and was instantly taken into one of those moments of eternity. The world around me was transformed into one of brilliant light .. a glistening rainbow that hurt my eyes.

We were standing on a large flat rock on the side of a mountain in Southern N.S.W .. a point where an ancient landmass rises to the surface .. the remnants of the land bridge that once joined Australia to New Zealand. Nestled at the foot of the mountain was a broad expanse of lake known by the locals as Walaga .. the aboriginal word for Black Duck.

An Eternity.

The Serpent's Breath

As I watched, transfixed, a huge rainbow colored snake like creature rose straight up out of the glistening shimmering brilliant silver waters and towered over us .. for how long, I do not know .. but it lowered its head towards me and breathed in my face .. then slowly sank back into the water from whence it came .. no ripples .. just the overpowering humming in my body and the brilliance of the light.

The vision faded and I started to become aware once more of my own breath .. yet my body was trembling and shivering with the high frequency hum that had just past through it.

Through the deep black pools that were his eyes he looked deep  into me .. and for the first time since we met, he spoke ..

"Now you can return to Tasmania .. another serpent awaits you .."

That was the last time I saw him ..

I had returned to Sydney and following up my inner tuition .. my remembering of the time I had died .. and some instructions that had been written and handed to me by a stranger. There was a mountain I had to walk up. The instructions were vague, but I had slept a night on the top of that mountain a year earlier .. that is another story ..

It was a grey, overcast and drizzling day. I was wet and cold .. but I knew that I had to keep walking. I couldn't turn around .. something kept pushing me forward.

An ancient rock strewn hillside. Anthropologists estimate that the tribes have continuously inhabited this area land for 25,000 years. It is still a largely unmapped.

Just around the corner, he stood there .. a very large black skinned man, bare feet, wearing dirty torn jeans and a scraggy old flannelette shirt with the sleeves torn out. Around his left upper arm was a red band.
An old aboriginal, standing tall and erect, stepped out of the living shadows of the trees to greet me. I knew ..

I remembered what I was shown in the nether world of my physical death .. just one of the images I had never been able to talk about ..

He put his finger to his lips, motioning me to silence .. then beckoned me to follow him. Through the bush .. a faintly perceptible animal track.

"Not your eyes" .. he said .. "see with your feet"

The only sounds were of the bush and my boots crunching the grass and over the rocks.

Half an hour later, we came out between some trees and stood on a large rock overlooking the lake. I would never have found this place by myself.

The two of us stood looking out over the view. There was a breathless stillness .. the rain had stopped.

He motioned me to take off my shirt. Then he took another red band out of his pocket and, taking my left arm, silently placed it in the same position on my left arm where he wore his.

We turned again to look over the lake .. and I felt his touch on the back of my head ...

I still have the red arm band ..

"Serpent Breath: A Spiritual Initiation" was written, produced and © by Christopher Wynter and Transpersonal LifeStreams®, Tasmania, Australia.

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