The revelation and understanding for me started in 1986. I was taken to hospital in a coma from an automobile accident. Shortly after admission, I suffered cardiac arrest and, according to the medical records, was clinically dead. Some call my experience a Near Death Experience.

I Woke Up - Dead

During the period I was "dead" I was able to see the whole of my life before me .. everything that I had ever done. I could see the "Paths" that I had walked and the possibilities for the future.

The Revelations of an NDE

Of course, medical people in ER being who they are, I was zapped with the paddles and given an injection in the heart .. and the records noted that some time later .. vital signs returned.
I lapsed in and out of consciousness for about 14 days.
Sometimes I was lucid .. sometimes it was like I was in a fog. But, what I remember very clearly were what I saw and what I felt.

Now .. the problem for the hospital staff was that I started to talk to them about everything they did to me .. about when I had died .. and whilst I was in a coma. I was able to describe accurately the procedure .. and even identify the people who worked on me.

You're not supposed to be able to do this, according to the books .. and many people made what I remembered very wrong. Many people had very fixed ideas about what a "Near Death Experience" should be like.

But, the hospital staff did confirm for me that my remembering was accurate in every detail as far I related it to them. The psychologists and psychiatrists wanted to wrap me up in wet sheets and fill me full of narcotics until I "snapped out of it". No thanks!

But, that was only part of the story. There was a whole lot more which, at the time, I was not about to tell anyone. This incident opened up a whole new world for me which was to take me to places and to meetings with people I consciously had never remembered dreaming of.


During the period I was "dead" I was able to see the whole of my life before me .. everything that I had ever done. I could see the "Paths" that I had walked and the possibilities for the future. There was no "god" figure, but there were all of the people with whom I had unresolved issues.

The reason I decided to "come back" into the body was because I was also able to see the purpose of my birth .. my incarnation into a body in the first place. I was able to see my present life in relationship to a number of times I had been in a physical body before.

The doorway to "heaven" was barred with my own self-judgements .. regrets over things I had the opportunity to do and passed up. Regrets over missed opportunities. Regrets over all of the times I had compromised my integrity for acceptance and recognition from someone.

It was easier to come back and repair a 40 year old body than it was to come back in as a baby again and go through what I had as a child .. especially the estrangement from my knowing and remembering. But, then, I could also see the reason I had been brought up in the family I had .. and why my mother was abusive towards me.

It was a very conscious act of will .. that the part of me floating on the ceiling looking down at the body known as Christopher Wynter would remember everything that happened whilst the body was dead ..

One thing that was not very comfortable were all of the prayers that people were projecting at me .. they were like harpoon barbs trying to hook into me .. trying to drag me back .. and I could also see the reasons why they wanted me alive. The reasons were not pretty. They were because I fulfilled a personal need for each person preying (the spelling prey is intentional here!)

But, the body needed rest - spinal injuries, broken ribs and a depressed fracture of the skull.

>> to be continued ..

NDE, Near Death coma clinically dead
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NDE, Near Death coma clinically dead

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