Some Background behind the Transpersonal Websites of anunda and LifeStreams

... Although a man may be book-learned,
if he does not apply in his behavior what he knows, 
He is as the blind man, who,
even with a lamp in his hand, cannot see the road.
               Stanza 169 of 'The Tree of Wisdom' of Nag-ajura, ca 100BC

Christopher Wynter's Notebooks .. ?

When I started my own journey, a very wise friend told me to go inward rather than outward. While everybody else has gone outward in a search of spirituality, I have just as far into the remembering contained within the cells of my own body.

Learning Trust

When a 2000 year old tree is felled and sliced .. what information comes from the growth rings layered under the bark of that tree. When scientists take a drilled ice core from deep within the arctic or Antarctic wilderness .. what information are they able to gather frozen within that ice. Using modern technology and ancient records, what is science able to tell us about the history of the planet on which we live.

Why should your or my body be any different ... The Human Body ... the microcosm of the macrocosm. There is more wisdom in a tree before it is cut down, processed into paper and covered with the written word ... So it is with a child .. it was for me, for the people who have walked with me .. and may I respectfully suggest, so it is for you also.

A Journey out of Fear

If you haven't questioned your life, and your beliefs,
you wouldn't be reading this.

A lot of what appears here may cause reactions .. to some readers it may appear as controversial. There are those who have asked me 'how do you know' .. there are others who have not been so complimentary. You are invited to read, and make up your own mind .. I'm not seeking to start a revolution .. but to provide an opportunity for you, the reader to look beyond the often conflicting messages that you have been given .. and what you have been told you should believe.

Contained in the following pages is some of my personal story. This is not a work of fiction. Every incident is a record of my own experiences from my perceptions at the time it was written and in my own words.

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