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The other day, in the car park of the local supermarket, a man I
had never seen before looked at me and said
"thank you - now I can go home".

His body crumpled - and he died as his heart stopped beating.
I watched as his soul immediately left the body and dissolved
firstly into twinkling lights like you see come from sparklers -
then they too, disappeared into no-thing. He was free - no 3 days
of transition for him - the release was immediate.

I did not have the heart to tell those who tried to resuscitate him
that he wasn't coming back - they lock you up for making those kind
of statements.


Very briefly and abbreviated .. I'm rewriting my website at the
moment and all of the background will be posted there.

In 1986 I was pronounced clinically dead after a car accident.
For 14 days, I drifted in and out of unconsciousness, and when I
finally "re-awakened" I had total amnesia as to who I had been in
the past, but had a total recall of everything that I had
experienced whilst my body was on "the slab"

The intervening time has been one of integration - of finding the
words, expression and understanding of what I remembered - and of
searching through the Sacred Texts in order to understand the
hidden meanings.

I had a number of teachers both in and out of this physical reality
who shall remain nameless.

The remembering experience I brought back was one, not only of the
events of the time I was "dead" but also right back to the moment
of my own conception - and beyond that to past lives in other
"dimensions" -

It was a very difficult experience for a while, living in total
amnesia - with no past - only the moment and the remembering ..
but gradually the past returned .. and the remembering started to
gell with the experiences stored in the body.

A Paradigm formed ..

If the physical condition of the body brought created by the
chromosomes was the result of thought and my interaction
with the environment - if I changed my thought process as
far as my body was concerned, it should change my DNA.

If I were able to change my body and my DNA, would this then
imply that I could make the essence of what I knew as
"spirituality" real in my physical body - and would I then have
a real experience of living in a manner free from the dichotomy
of what I "believed" and what I experienced.

A lot of work later, not only inner work with myself, but also with
a large number of people (within groups that I facilitated) to whom
I owe a deep gratitude saw a series of patterns emerge where
synchronistic confirmation of all I had remembered after my NDE was
the rule, rather than the exception.

What I had to do was find the words to take this remembering beyond
the hackneyed catch phrases used by the spiritual because each of
these was clouded with a preconceived or preformed definition.

What you are reading is the result - you may find that you react -
that you cannot agree - I understand that because I have been there
too - but I had to allow the possibility that there was more in
reality than conscious mind's perception was prepared to accept.

Thus - the act of walking in Faith -- for when the process of Flow
with all Life is understood, the written word and the past imprints
of beliefs are challenged to the point of destruction ..

and, in this process, the person-ality ego which is based on the
need to hold on to a past identity from fear dissolves - and as it
dissolves, every fear that needed a belief to hold on to rises to
the surface.

What I learned is that there is nothing that the mind creates in
the form of a belief that does any good without a physical body -
because the physical mind is needed to process all information
generated from the mind

I chose to come back to this body because I was not going to
go through another childhood and another 42 years to get to the
point I was at in order to forget it all again in my next

Manity has not yet touched its potential. I've seen some glimpses
in the possibilities of some of the children. I've "worked" with
some of them - or rather

I've allowed them to "work on me" to re-mind me of everything
that I once knew, but was conditioned into forgetting by the
perceptions of the learned who, in the pursuit of knowledge,
forgot their own innocence ..

The longest journey starts and ends with self. No matter where you
go, you take it with you. No matter where you end up, all that is
left will be what you started out with.

Life is the experience of Living - and for me, that experience is
one of stimulation and the excitement of the endless possibilities
which are available when past beliefs become stepping stones rather
than anchors - and the nature of the cycles is understood.

So many spend so much energy trying to defy the Law of Impermanence
- yet when it becomes part of the flow, Impermanence becomes
detachment and the mind is free to move beyond previously
conditioned self-limiting perceptions into "no-mind"

Only in returning from this space, can the pictures, the metaphors
contained within the words of the "spiritual texts" be understood
for what they are - in retrospect -

and in the context of the bigger picture rather than a doctrine to
be learned or programmed into the body in hope


Very briefly and abbreviated