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The Sons of Mother Earth

Male, stripped of maleness, blurring the distinction between male and female behavior until, in his confusion, the male reverts to his only instinct that's untouchable - survival.

Fallen icons, victims of idolatry, their descent from grace compounded by their grief of remembering

Male - The Orphans of the Planet

The Sons of Mother Earth have become strangers in a strange land .. vilified and hunted to near extinction by the Matriarch aspect of mother. Survival, the only instinct left for the male of the species.

The remembering of the constant assault of resentment and hatred projected into their innocent bodies from the moment of conception.

There is not one male alive who did not spend the first nine months of his life in the womb of a female - his mother.

Genetically encoded in the body beliefs of both male and female, the absolute Matriarchal resentment of male form and genitalia.

The only weapon insidious enough to leave its mark, is passed father to son, mother to son.

Female resentment - the silent enemy of every generation destroying the essence of male ..

An endless cycle of vindictive, programmed behavior from the Matriarch ..
Stripping male of maleness, blurring the distinction between male and female behavior until, in his confusion, the male reverts to his only instinct that's untouchable - survival.

Merely surviving, not living. A life filled with meeting the needs of Matriarch and any dependant children which she uses as weapons of manipulation. In this war of attrition, there are no casualties, only corpses.

Corpses of males bled dry, their life-force sucked from their bodies
during every act of sex used as a means to revitalize the attacker.
Male life-force subjugated by Religion, Matriarch and consensus reality.

The male survival reflex to a perceived expression of anger is called Murder.
The male survival reflex to being manipulated … called Rape.
How many of these acts were simply the anguished, primal cries for help
for a grief too great?

The homeless walking dead, no life light to shine out through their eyes, living out lives on a planet that is no longer home.

Fodder for war.
Ethnic cleansing used as a means of genetic engineering.
Fodder for genetic experimentation on their very core,
no more than laboratory rats, judged to have no sense,
no feeling, expendable in the human experiment.

The DNA warped and twisted, the distorted survival mechanism of chromosome 38 is the only legacy left.

The mask of grief and loneliness is worn by thousands, mostly males,
who walk the streets.
Displaced persons, suicide a welcome relief.
The lost tribes … no roots, no clans.

Drugs, drunkenness, lasciviousness fill the yawning chasm of grief. The walking dead whose eyes reflect
the utter despair and hopelessness of - WHY?

Mother Earth has become an alien, hostile planet for her Sons. It no longer nurtures. Her Sons' seeds are scattered to the winds and at her core, is the unacknowledged grief of the Matriarch for the orphans that she has created.

Matriarch, the would-be Mother whose own life-force/sexuality has been made wrong by generations of self judgment, buried beneath the female code of silence. She would rather die ..

The Sons of Mother Earth have become the orphans of the planet.

Silently they cry for understanding and acceptance of the Mother lost.
The tears of the dead and the living fall like summer rain...
When will they be heard?

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Male, the orphans of the planet, the Lost Sons of Mother Earth


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