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Transpersonal development and self healing

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In the discordant harmonies of the F and F# tones
lies the source of the lifeforce of the planet.
Its own natural Tantra. The harmony of the spheres.

It is the sound of the feminine, the pulsing core of Mother - Planet Earth as it was when it was created - when matter met anti-matter .. all pairs of opposites merging. THAT was the creative force. No Divine Being. No Great Plan. Just a merging in space and time. Molecules acting out their natural instinct .. to merge, bind, separate, expand, come together again.


Natural Tantra. The Lifeforce, the True Kundalini of Planet Earth. The lifeforce that pulsed in sync with the first emanations it spawned from its core with its own harmony. The sound of silence .. the constant hiss. All harmonics of the Schumann Resonance .. the frequency of the Earth's gravitational field .. emanating from the harmonies of the inner fire .. the resonant pulse of the twin fields deep within the molten core of the planet.

The Creative Core of the Feminine

Woman has been forced to search for her meaning and her lifeforce outside of her body. Mind created densification of her body, dulled her perceptory senses; layers of enforced beliefs burying and encoding the silent hiss deep into the unconscious memory.

This Harmony with her mirror twin, her soul mate, the harmony of the Inner Spheres is the discordant pulse of the core and is the Lifeforce that woman had taken from her by the male of Religion.

Woman seeks to recreate that lifeforce from the reminder of the gush of her first bleeding. The body is no longer a safe place to be.

Through the act of sex and the process of giving birth, woman outwardly expresses this inner unconscious driving force and seeks to create moments when the 'song' of the body is realised and remembered.

The pulse of the child's heartbeat in utero re-awakens the remembering. The same pulse in the womb as the core of the planet. 

The male child is foreign .. the female child is sought to re- establish the connection. Every mother holds on to her daughter, every daughter holds on to her mother

The union with male is seeking of the re-union with woman's creative core and the core of Mother Earth. The energy released during sex is a mirror of the first creative tantric movement which led to life on the Earth.

The toning during birth .. same as the tone of the core. The grief and depression after birth, the remembering of woman's own enforced forgetting.

All that was natural has been taken from the body of woman.

It is worse for female because she is the only one to carry the mirror of the Planet's core in her body. Her womb separated from her heart. The vibration links her with the core. And, every month it bleeds as a reminder. The urge to procreate, give life, .. all mirrors of the core. 

It is the source of the Eternal connection to Mother and why the body must return to it. The core of mother .. womb-heart.

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Womb Heart - Tantra of the Creative Core of Woman


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