Self Healing

Fiona's Notebooks and Journal

· Fate or Free Will
Finding the Meaning and Purpose behind the patterns in my Life Experiences. As I look back at my life, up until now I have had no free will to a purpose or destiny I could call my own. My fate was to fulfill the expectations others have had for me.

· Memories of my Inner Child
The Sacred and the Profane. Some of Fiona's story - and her experiences of recovering her own inner child can be found in her own notes written at the time of, and as part of her process.

Some of the experiences I shared as part of the group that Christopher facilitated may be considered a little out of the ordinary by some people.  I am writing the story of David and anunda, the two little boys who were part of this group from their conception up to the age of 2 years.

I have included two here, because what I saw and what I felt was instrumental in part of the understanding of some of my memories and experiences - showing me there was more to life than I had been brought up to believe.

· The Innocence of a Mother
  The Compassion of her Child

· Indigo - The color of the Void
  A child surrenders its personality



A giant glistening web. At the center of this web .. the one aspect that has remained constant .. the innocence of who I am that I was born with and is my birthright .. and I forgot.

My Journey into Transpersonal or Spiritual Self-Healing

My Self Healing journey was not to reach some high level of enlightenment, it was the journey for the journey's sake. It was the journey of remembering my All-One-Ness. The journey of the spirit experiencing a body to express its knowing. Mind, Body and Spirit at peace.

The World is my Mirror

The "Mirror" program .. (subtitled a "Transpersonal Self Discovery Program - A Self Healing Journey into Remembering") that Christopher facilitated .. sure was all of that! 

It wasn't just theoretical debate. It provided practical tools that could be applied in every day life and, for me, they actually worked.

The Mirror - being that every person I met reminded me of a reflection of some aspect of my own personality, sometimes deeply buried and 'mirrored' it back to me through their behavior or words. A gift from them to me.

Contained in this section of the site are my process notes, and the revelations, realizations and understandings that came to me during my own Transpersonal Pilgrimage. It is still being written in my own words

Footnote: I'm starting to edit some of the case history notes that I have made of some of the processes that I have shared with Fiona - including explanations which may be of benefit for some readers.

· Crippling Childhood Patterns: Working with Fiona

My Journey into Transpersonal or Spiritual Self-Healing


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