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This incident occurred very late last night after the group had gone through the breathing process and most had gone home. This description of what took place afterwards are my perceptions and reflections. I am including this because it exemplifies some of the many experiences I had during the "mirror" sessions with Chris which led me towards some of the understanding I now have.

The Innocence of a Mother 
                              and the Compassion of her child

Belinda lies in front of the fire, curled up in the fetal position ... pain in the body.
judgment in the heart.

Belinda and her mother eyeballing each other …
mother reclaiming daughter who was lost to her, taken by her own mother
daughter, claiming the mother she never had.

The child anunda wakes in the back room .. 
he cries Belinda's tears.
long and loud.
The crying becomes toning, resonating through all of the bodies in the house.

anunda comes into the room.
he goes towards his mother.

Belinda sits there ...
she cannot accept the innocent in herself as reflected by her child, anunda -
so cannot accept him.
He climbs into her lap anyway …
starts toning his body …begins at the base.
His tones go through the body of every person in the room.

He is clearing the womb of every woman present.

His toning moves higher - sacrum.
Microcosmic orbit in progress.

Belinda weeps.
Grandmother watches. Not interfering - just allowing.
Quietly, gently, changing the vibration of grandmother.

Heart toning …

As he moves through the body he watches and telepaths to Chris and Chris to him. Chris interprets … translates and puts into words what a 23 month old child cannot. The child understands and with a barely perceptible nod continues.

How many children have cried such tears with nobody ever able to hear them?
Or translate?
I know I have ... and watching anunda last night, reminded me …

anunda tones the heart ...
Belinda holds him ...
The energy in the room is palpable ...

Still she cannot accept. It's not her fault. Not even her judgments.
anunda knows ...
he doesn't judge her.

He stands up and runs his hands over the fire ... one hand, then the other.

"Does anunda have to burn himself to be heard and accepted?"

I know this applies to me too.

anunda looks at Chris ...
he knows Chris knows, stops trying to burn himself 
and moves away from the fire.

He stands there ...
a mirror of the forlorn child who cried, of children who toned, who weren't understood .. a mirror of the child in Mother.

anunda holds up his arms to Belinda ...
crying … toning …
the room goes still.

A tiny figure standing with outstretched arms to his Mother.

Absolute acceptance.
Absolute forgiveness.
Absolute love coming from every cell in his body.
Even when Mother cannot accept him.

The child is healed, the child is complete.

The child simply asks Mother to accept the child in herself who was shutdown ...
for Mother to embrace the child in her that was not heard, not understood ...
to break the genetic conditioning.
It's nobody's fault.

Once Mother accepts the child in her as whole and healed then the children can be heard and won't have to cry her genetic tears.

Belinda looks up and holds out her arms to him.

Mother and child merge.
The innocent is acknowledged in the womb and heart of Mother.
The picture of Belinda and anunda together - no separation.
Twin flames blended into one.
Mother accepting the innocent back into her own body.

One 54 year old male stands in the shadows and cries silent tears.
He too has been heard.
He has waited 54 years for a woman to accept the innocence of the child …

3 women and 1 grandmother sit in the stillness.

I see the genetic patterns and the reflection in my life.
I accept the gift and I acknowledge the awesome courage of Belinda to go through it.

The child, the male child, has been heard and in his innocence, accepted by Mother. He has shown Mother that she is forgiven and the gift is shared by everyone in this consciousness.

The ripples move out to the core.

Mother Earth has reclaimed her innocence.

Fiona Tulk

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The Innocence of a Mother and the Compassion of her Child


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