The Innocence you are looking for, you already are .. it is that innocent which is looking for you. Each already moves to a depth of innocence they do not perceive, for the Age of innocence, the true New Age, is beyond what you can possibly imagine. You, in your own unique expression of consciousness, already are the Essence of Innocence.

The Dance of the Innocent with Innocence

anunda - the metaphor of innocence

Underneath all conditioning, all learned behavior, all the beliefs that were imposed upon you (which you struggle with to try to understand) ... but which are neither your truth nor the truth of you, you were born innocent.

Beyond the masks of the personality
• What you think is not your mind,
but is the sum of all of the limiting beliefs others projected onto you from which you created self limiting deceptions in order to be accepted by those who rejected the truth of you.
• The struggle is not your struggle.
You are re-enacting the struggle of those who sought to control you .. and all of the struggles of all of your ancestors who held on to their beliefs just as you are doing now because the brilliance of your innocence at birth was too bright to look at, and the memories it brought back for your parents were too painful.

Do you need to re-enact their pain and the pain of the beliefs of their parents before them .. Or can you just release the secrets that are not secret and remember the truth of the Innocence of ' I '

• The quest for the 'spiritual' outside of self
is the reflection of a lack or limitation of acceptance of self.
The 'Divine' or intrinsic essence of the individual person ("inner sense" or Life Force) has been restrained for generations and must be freed.

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anunda is the innocence of being - the "inner sense"

anunda does not follow any spiritual or religious tradition - East or West. Rather it is the bridge between Eastern and Western Spiritual Traditions, deriving its origins from a time before words were written, meanings were assigned and the divisions appeared.

The roots of the word "anunda" can be taken back to the Sanskrit. anunda - the One, the essence of innocence beyond being and beyond description - the way of Tao.

The following interpretation of the name based on the phonetics of the syllables may be of interest as it completes a Universal picture beyond any other interpretation I might write.


the first emanation, the first of the three sounds comprising 'AUM', symbolic of Vishnu, Brahma and Siva. The negative particle .. hence absence, negation, beyond comprehension. The concept of going inward within or in; the life-breath; the sound which forms all vocalization of words.


from the sea, the waves of the ocean; sustenance; the sustainer Vishnu; feminine principle as in the womb


(is a doublet.. u-u) ... the second sound of 'AUM' ... command and acceptance .... compassion (Buddha) and protection (of Siva)


The branches of a tree; knowledge; wisdom; teaching; cosmic consciousness; the Universal Consciousness


virtue; true wealth; Brahman; to receive into onecell-f; to aim at; to believe; to put faith in; to concentrate or focus; the inner self the real self


the end; last; dissolution; the flame

Vocalized, then as a mantra or toned on the breath,
   anunda is pronounced a'noo'nn'dh'aah.

I will leave it to the reader to feel the implication here .. but for me, as I translated this vibration into meaning and perhaps more fully understood the essence, in its fullness, anunda is the essence of being beyond description.

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Where did anunda (the innocent) come from?

When I first started out on my Spiritual Quest, I reacted to what people were telling me I should believe, I reacted to words they were using, and to the way I was told who and what I should believe.

We often ask "How do I find God", "How do I find Jesus"?  The answer is really quite simple .. we don’t. The ancient Chinese Tao puts it quite simply

First there was the eternal Tao
From One came Two
From Two came Three
From Three came ten thousand other things .."
and The Bible contains the phrase ..
"In the beginning was the word .."

Early on in my own personal journey I read the line "What you are looking for, you already are" .. So I asked the question "Why .."

And then I understood that my eye can see, but cannot see itself except by looking at itself in a mirror .. and what it sees in the mirror is not the eye that is looking, but a reflection, a reversal, the flip, the opposite of that eye.

So if I am God, Jesus, anunda, Buda .. then everything that I see is the mirror image of the I that is looking.  It is not the "I am", but it is the mirror image of that.

Now, going back to the words from the Tao, One has created Two (or duality) in the need to see itself ..

By not accepting I am, I have created a subject (I, the looker) and Object (what I am looking at) .. now, both of these contain the original I but the seeker forgot that and made all sorts of judgmental decisions about not only the subject but also the object.    


Ok, so was I .. which part of I (you) is confused? .. where does the confusion come from ..?  Where do the reactions come from ..?

So I remembered the principle of the Mirror.  I decided to flip the question .. and the answer. If what I am looking for I already am, what is it that separates me from the experience of being that?  Who, what, where and why are the questions that arise out of duality, of seeing subject as separate from object?

Why Can't I make it real?

But the answers of religion and spirituality brought reactions .. where did those reactions come from?

If I returned to ‘God’ there should be no reactions. Why was ‘God’ wrong? .. and the word ‘Love’ .. well, that brought up more reactions than I would care to mention.

I had to remember ‘One’. For myself, I had to define or find a word that aroused within me no feelings, no reactions, a word that my body felt comfortable with, a word that encompassed everything.  It meant defining a new word that contained the essence of what I ‘knew’, but for which there was no re-action.

So I looked at ‘The Nothing’, ‘Innocence’, ‘the void’, and all of those other words that described wholeness.  And so anunda became .. a sound beyond meaning and non-meaning .. and yet a sound that embraces both.

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