There is more wisdom in a tree
before it is cut down, processed, turned into paper
and covered with the written word …

A plain man asks why ..?

Who am I ..? What is Life..? What is Other..? 

These questions are often asked along the many paths people follow in their quest for an understanding at to the meaning of life .. they confronted me at many times of crisis through my own life, led to my physical death on several occasions, and eventually led me to where I am now .. and this site.

What is this thing called ego

Why do I need to do ..?
Why do I need to search ..?
Why can't I accept what the books say ..?
Why can't I accept myself  .. ?
Why can't I make it real ..?
Where are the emotions coming from ..?
Why do I react so ..?
Why can't I just be ..?
         .. and most of all,
Why am I so afraid of who I really am, my essence, my true spiritual self ...?
Why do I keep myself separate from it ..?
Why do I continually look for approval from others .. ?
Who is asking the all of the questions .. ?
Who is my judge, jury and executioner .. ?

This is the reason for this whole web site

I used to work with a group of people here in Tasmania in the area of deep body remembering. It's been a long journey and I am not saying that I have all of the answers - but ..

A major reason for all of these questions has surfaced from deep within the unconscious of the body and from the kinaesthetic reactions from the group, it feels as though this may go a long way towards helping a lot of people.

This work involved facilitating and measuring the kinaesthetic reactions of remembering (recognition, acceptance or rejection) from the body.

It comes from understanding the background behind judgement and blame - not from blame or seeking a scapegoat ...

Why … ? 

is the question asked by the knower inside each of us who acknowledges the existence of that anunda/essence/innocence on some level and cannot remember what it is that separated us from that.

May I suggest that you consider the possible answers to the "Why" questions - yourself, in silence. Know that the answers are already in Universal Consciousness .. but it's OK if you're not able to pick it up yet.

The ego is all duality and plurality that has descended from One Unified Field of Consciousness - yet this ego, in its fragmentation, still contains the essence of unification.

We forgot when we looked in the mirror.
We forgot that the reflection we see is the flip or reversal of what is looking.
We forgot that what we were reading is metaphor for aspects of that which is in essence indescribable.

This journey is the journey of re-membering ..

of reconnecting the fragments .. of the ego/mind/body recovering all of the judgements and the children of those judgements of the separation that saw one become two and two become ten thousand other things.

It is not written from any textbook, but encompasses all, for there is more wisdom in a tree before it is cut down, processed, turned into paper and covered with the written word.

May you find within yourself the peace that is the eye of the hurricane .. and you will, when you understand that, like the Tao, the Breath and the tides, "The Path" is a journey with no destination.


I do not need you to believe what I say, but if you feel reactions within your body from the words written, then you will know there is truth for you in the words you have read. Everything that is written on this site is something that, on some level, you already know .. and is applicable to all "spiritual pathways"

This material is not about teaching, but about a collective learning from the feedback from each who reads what is written in these pages and makes their own aspect and understanding of personal Truth real in their own body.

This work is about you, the individual making choices from your own deep inner knowing, not from what I (or Fiona) tell you you ought to believe. If you do not have information, you may not be able to see the possibilities or make a personal choice.


» dedication : from a mother to her son on mother's day 


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perhaps one answer to the questionwho am I .. ? what is life .. ? what is other .. ?can be found here?