The real truth is hidden under what we hold onto as "our" perception of truth ... and the funning thing is that everything that we see as being truth is something that happened in the past and is NOT a present truth. That's just the way the mind works.

Truth and its revelation.

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The real truth is hidden under what we hold onto as our perception of truth, which in reality, is not our truth, but the parroted words of somebody else which we have learned to quote in order to survive.

Foreword - Truth as it is written

What we read in books and hold onto as our truth, are but series of limiting beliefs which restricts our concept of ourselves at any moment - thus restricting our own bodies and minds to patterns from the past.

There is no original thought

Some of the material to be found on this site you may have found already written in some of the 'books' .. because the memory that wrote the books is already imprinted in the greater mind of human consciousness to which all have access if they remove their limiting beliefs. It is this memory, whole and complete which is the true nature of human truth.

However, to hold on to what was once written by long dead authors in the language of long ago for the society of that time, is to remain there. To remain there is to constantly recreate the past in every moment and to deny the truth of you.

So, in this web site, the plain man (Christopher Wynter) and woman (Fiona Tulk) remove preconception, look for the hidden meanings within words and translate the essence from jargon into the unambiguous English of the 21st Century, using as a reference the hidden memories stored within the living book of the human body.


Sometimes, we find our own bodies recoiling at what we write as part of our ongoing explorations, so we can understand that those who are not familiar with the perception points we view life from may have quite strong reactions to some of this material.

This site is as much an effort to bring to our own left brain understanding some of the background behind what we write, as it is to clarify our position to those of you who read what we write. 

Within the group that I (Christopher) have facilitated here in Tasmania, I have stood up once a week (with the core group .. every Tuesday night for last four years) and words have come out of my mouth which have, to most of the group, for much of the time, been controversial. Every objection, every insult, every challenge that could be thrown at me has been .. especially as there are some within the group who are much more widely read and, in some instances much more highly qualified than I in specific areas. If I have reacted to these people in the past, I have looked within myself to find where these reactions coming from have thus, better known myself.

These people have applied the same principles to and for themselves. Within the group, I have described myself as fulfilling the function of the axel through the centre of the hub of a wheel.

Making it real

As we climb higher up the mountain, so we can more clearly see the view. But what would it serve to remain in that rarefied atmosphere if we could not translate what we saw into a guide for the adventurer who is just starting out. The same goes for "becoming spiritual" by living in an ashram or monastery. That is much easier than making spirituality real in facing the challenges of every day life.

There some who have challenged "what is your authority" and some who argue against what we write using words found in already published material. To limit our expression to quotations of both source and language is to limit our expression to that mould. So is to refer an experience to a specific reference, philosophy, psychology, spirituality or diagnosis. It is, in effect, to create the limitation of a box with a label.

What Fiona and I write is the sum total of the "revelations" that have come as a result of various people feeding us information from their perspective, from their memory, from their understanding. In turning their words around and reflecting them back, they see what they originally thought or believed from a slightly different (or higher) perspective.  Thus the group perspective broadens and the remembering is allowed to move deeper, beyond what has been taught and into what existed before the written word.


From the experiences within the group, we have developed processes or exercises to return our deeper understanding back into the physical body so that the mind can consciously make and allow change in the dimensions of human consciousness.  It is these changes which we are observing flowing to many many people outside the group.

I would not be writing this today if it were not for the hope, Faith, and courage of this group of people to whom I am most grateful, for they have assisted me in my journey of remembering and so evolved themselves, making the recovery of their essence more real within their physical body every day.  For some of us, it has not been easy. For all, there was a dream on the unformed planes of consciousness that there had to be another way apart from what they (and we) had been taught.

The Unfolding

Thus, the already written words from the so-called "spiritual texts" became stepping stones to a greater unfolding in a greater understanding. Deeper meanings, deeper metaphors were found than was originally apparent on the surface allowing somebody else to shift their perspective and so broaden the understanding of consciousness of itself.

The real truth is hidden under what we hold onto as "our" perception of truth ... which in reality, is not our truth, but the parroted words of somebody else, which we have learned to quote in order to survive.

Once a limiting belief is released, emotion is able to flow from the dam to make room for some new experience .. a slightly different perspective .. a different expression. The questions, the feedback and the comments from members of both the personal group and various discussion lists have been instrumental in allowing us to find plain, common words to put around what, to many, is a very cumbersome subject.


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