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Self Knowledge: the wisdom of experienceSelf Knowledge of the Experience of Living

 There is not one person who has not, at some time or another (and most probably recently) asked "Who am I .. and what is Life all about" .. or cried out "there must be more to life than this"

Starting point:

You do know many things. Your lifetime has seen the accumulation of much personal knowledge, living experience .. and wisdom. You are able to recognize certain patterns

Wisdom is the living marriage of Knowledge and Experience.

Whether you accept it or not, it is the often unconscious insight born of this inner wisdom has kept you alive and led you to where you are now.

You already know many things

Life, as you have experienced it so far, has been made up of many layers and images. Someone once said that if you were held up to a light, you would see that your life is mad up from stories. This is true.

Your self knowledge is a series of stories, a series of images, each trying to show you what and how you need to expand from the perception or idea you have of your self in any given moment.

Perhaps the family photograph album can best be used to illustrate this point.

During your life, you have had a series of experiences that have molded you and your thinking into the person you think you are now. You have also been molded by generations of beliefs which themselves, have molded your gene pool .. and your personalities..

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That you accept your life so far .. is crucial.

It is very important that you recognize and accept that everything which has happened in your life has led to an inner knowledge and a wisdom which can be the basis for insights into who you can become in the future. All the things that have so far come to make up you are perfect.

Every experience that has come to make up you has been had for a reason .. yes, even the ones that may have left lingering scars are perfect.

Self Knowledge is to accept yourself, as you are now. This allows the process to begin. There is a reason for all of your experiences and your feelings .. and all things that have come to make up you are perfect.

Would you be exploring change if you had not experienced "unpleasantness". To acknowledge this is to start to accept your self.

We all begin life with a set of ingredients. But, what we make of Life depends on how we mix and change the ingredients .. to accept and change, to develop and grow. Remember always that a judgment, positive or negative, is merely a turn .. or a varied view point away.

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To bake a better cake

As you read this, take time to look at yourself. Look at those things you value within yourself. Even for those who say "there is nothing I value within myself", know that there is something.

When you begin cooking for the first time, you rely on a tried and trusted recipe - possibly one that your mother or grandmother has used many times.  If you make a cake to this recipe and it tastes all right, that gives you an experience to build on.

But it is only after having tasted the cake that you can sense that there may be another ingredient that could be added or omitted that would make the cake more 'cake like' next time.

So, as you gather experience in your baking, from these insights you can create new and exciting delights for yourself. After a few cakes, grandmother's recipe may have been totally changed and modified.

You may have just never been given the permission to look at yourself positively.  If this is the case, then know that your ability to know what others with low self esteem feel like is something positive. Everything we think of ourselves can be turned around to a positive view point.

As with the cake, so it is with your self, your self esteem and your self image. Remember always that a judgment positive or negative is merely a turn or a varied view point away.

The energy some call Kundalini .. your inner spirit .. is the flame that can transmute a set of raw ingredients into the final cake .. and keeps on cooking every time we change the recipe .. until such time as we accept that we already are the perfect cake.

To acknowledge self knowledge gained from all your experiences is to accept yourself. To accept yourself as you are now is to allow the process of change to begin.

The greatest wisdom is to be able to recognize the perfection of the moment and then to allow that moment to change into another moment of perfection.

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Some of the material on this site may seem to come from a point of view which is unfamiliar to you.

The True teacher cannot teach you anything,
but can only re-mind you of what, on some level,
you already know.

Please allow that, as you read, your perceptions may change and with that change will come an increase in the understanding of a broader aspect of you .. and your life.

This is your knowledge of self - the inner wisdom born of experience. The greatest wisdom is to be able to recognize the perfection of the moment and allow it to dissolve into another moment of perfection.

"Self Knowledge - Wisdom of the Experience of Living" was written, published and copyright by Transpersonal Lifestreams, Hobart, Tasmania. The url of this page is and it was updated May, 2005


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