A Personal Meaning of Life is found in relationships with people, places and things. We hope to create a relationship with you and this environment of ideas and experiences, fueled by your desire to know yourself.

Your Relationships in Life and, with this site

The purpose of this web site is to inspire you to remember.. to inspire you to become aware of and, appreciate the fullness of who you are.

We know that a web site is only a tool, but this web site has a possibility to take you many places. We would like you to think of this web site as an introduction -- first to a host of people whose stories may touch your own life and, second, and most importantly, to your own self-discovery.

Our intention is to allow the creation of a field of interaction between you, us and the Universal Field of Intelligence (or Consciousness) that will begin to create a momentum of energy, catalyzing the recognition of your own purpose if that is (at the moment) unclear to you.

In order to do that, we are counting on your own desire to know yourself beyond all else.

"Who Am I?" .. "What is Life?" ..  "What is Other".

This web site looks deeply into the perennial philosophies and personal relationships by which humanity has long navigated the unpredictable shallows and depths of life.

Our hope is that, by creating a relationship between you and stories of real people and, by translating some of the myths and of Religion and Spirituality into Plain English, some inner knowing and recognition of your own path will be touched.

This web site is based on our own lived experiences both personally and professionally. We have taken a long, winding road to our present position of being able to present this material to you. Along the way, we have discovered, tested and taught certain techniques that we feel are eminently practical for finding our place in the world.

It is our intention that this web site provide a matrix of information to help remind you of who you really are - as much as any written material can be a stimulus to personal insights.

If you find personal recognition in anything that we have presented, then it is true for you too. We cannot teach you anything but, just maybe, we can remind you of something you already know and have either forgotten or been forced to forget.

Getting the most out of your relationship with this site

Read the pages all the way through. This web site is organized using a mix of stories, principles, suggestions and personal questions.

Hopefully, one of these methods may set off the personal intuitions that are ready to come forth from your intention to know yourself better. Sometimes it helps to read the stories out loud to yourself so that the body hears what the eyes are seeing.

A Meaning and Purpose of Life is created within your personal relationship with other people, places and things that make up what we call "A Universal Field of Consciousness".

In using common sense Plain English, hope to create a relationship with you and this environment of ideas and experiences, fueled by your desire to know yourself.

There are two things you can do to facilitate this process. The first is to create a relationship with your self, to dream or imagine an intention to open up to any unfolding purpose inherent in you. The second is to find, within your self, the capacity to live without knowing what your purpose is - yet be ready to do what you are stimulated to do and allow the meaning of your life to unfold according to your personal choice rather than having it predetermined by some past belief or encoding. 


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