Memories are fragments of a greater understanding.
To comprehend the nature of body memory
is to allow the process of remembering.

Memories and the Unconscious

This site is about the seen and unseen, the unconscious memories we carry and other sources of conscious and unconscious programs, patterns and beliefs that govern life leading to stress, conflict, addictions, medical and psychological disease

Introduction to the Theme  -  Coping with Survival

Encoded within the cellular memory of the physical body is the whole history of the species from its conception. Every day, with every pattern of shock we experience, we add to or re-activate these cellular memories .. which we very often pass on to our children and grandchildren.

The memories of our origins can be awakened and activated by our environmental stimuli - firstly in our mother's womb .. then by the situations and events which confront us throughout our daily life.

Codes of secrecy and silence are the source of the fears which shroud the access to this record and are the unconscious basis of every action and reaction we experience in our every day life.


No matter who you are, what your profession, or how you came to these pages, you are invited to read and allow that what is written may be in a language that is somewhat unfamiliar and may offer a viewpoint that differs from your current perceptions.

You will not have to learn a new language of, doctrine or dogma of Medical Science, Psychology or Spiritual Mysticism to understand what I have written. This site is an attempt to find a common language. It has evolved and developed from some of the personal and spiritual development programs we have run here in Hobart, Tasmania ...

Some may find the words and the perspective different from what they are used to reading. They are written to make you, the reader respond or react so as to look at your own position, your own programming, your beliefs and life myths and where they might originate.


"Reinventing ourselves so that we can cope with our own survival" is what most of us do, all of the time, without realizing what we are doing .. and without taking into account all of the layers of makeup and beliefs by which we defined our previous roles.

Stress and trauma, leading to disease, comes from our attempt to play different roles in different plays all at the same time, without changing our costume. In the different roles we play, there are always sets of opposites. Within opposites lies conflict.

The Possible Outcome is that, once these patterns are identified, we can change our myth, our patterns and our identity - and that we can do this at will, any time, without skeletons (and disease) "coming out of the closet" to haunt us. We can, if we choose, move beyond the need to survive. We can, if we choose, heal ourselves of any physical, mental or emotional disorder.


» Foreword: Truth as it is written


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